In a discussion of biblical doctrine, somebody is bound to say "Well, that's your interpretation."
This statement implies that the Bible has many interpretations. But nothing could be further from the truth.
There is only one correct interpretation, and of course every denomination and cult claims to have it. (II Peter 2:1)
With over three hundredth denominations, and over two hundredth cults; which interpretation are we supposed to accept?
The answer is none. (Jeremiah 17:5)
If you really want to find the correct interpretation on any biblical passage, then throw away all you denominational books, and commentaries.
This might sound extreme, but it is the only way to un-clutter your mind from biased opinions.
Then go to God, the author of the Bible. If you sincerely and fervently ask for understanding he will give it to you. (James 1:5)
After this you can start studying the Bible afresh (II Timothy 2:15)
Most of the Bible is written in plain language, but whenever you find a passage that is hard to understand, set it aside, and then search for other scriptures that can clarify its meaning. (Isaiah 28:10)
This system of letting the Bible interpret the Bible will be much harder and take longer than any other, but it will be usually be more correct than any other.
If sincerely asking God for guidance is too much trouble then you can blindly accept any church doctrinal statements, and just hope for the best (I John 4:1)

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