It seems that in an emergency or time of trouble everybody prays (Psalms 107:28). But God doesn't want to hear from us only when we need him or once in a while, instead he desires to hear constant prayer. (I Thessalonians 5:17)
The person who prays only when there is an emergency or some great need does not honor God, but instead demeans him by treating him like an emergency worker.
God is not a fireman, a policeman or a paramedic, no he is a great and mighty king, who desires to hear from us and delights in answering prayer.
All the men of God have been men of prayer. Daniel prayed three times per day. David prayed morning and evening. And Jesus himself led a life of constant prayer.
Jesus told the parable of the importune neighbor (Luke 11:5-7) and the parable of the unjust judge (Luke 18:1-4) in order to teach us that we should lead a life of constant prayer.
Many Christians do not pray more often, because they fail to realize the need for daily prayer.  But without it they will lead a weak spiritual life, and have many fallings along the way.
The Christian is exhorted to pray constantly, not because God needs to be reminded, but in order that we may increase in faith. Constant prayer is a delight and joy, but to those whose hearts are lukewarm it is a dull exercise in faith.

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