Computers are used in every area of human life; Churches use them for administration and finances.  But the computer can also be used to keep track and results of evangelistic activities.

Before 1976 computers were bulky and expensive, but thanks to the silicon chip; computers are so affordable, that soon every home in America will have one.

The Computer will make it possible for a single Christian to make a hundredth fold impact.

With a computer, a soul winner can publish newsletters, magazines, periodicals, books, booklets, tracts, flyers, and other print material.

Everything needed to publish is becoming available. This includes Art work, pictures, and templates; soon we will see an explosion in niche publishers.  And many of the new publications will have a single person doing all the work.

Another avenue for evangelism is the Internet. In cyberspace there thousands of people, engage in mindless chatter. Why not surf the net and spread the gospel among its netizens.

Some Christians have already begun religious pages in the Internet, but there is room for a great many more.

The computer is a great tool for Bible study. A single CD disk can contain up to 15 translations of the Bible, and also hold an encyclopedia. This allows you to tailor a bible study as an evangelistic tool, besides helping greatly in a personal Bible study.

Another excellent tool is the new computerized handheld Bibles. Personally I love my Franklin computer Bible. It is so small I can carry it in my pocket and when I am witnessing, it allows me to quickly find any scripture.  It is so useful; I doubt I will ever go back to a paper Bible.

The computer offers many exciting possibilities, for evangelism. But I fear that religious leaders will neglect to use it to its full potential.

Another problem is, old ministers, who are unfamiliar with the computer and therefore fear it.  But they have to overcome this fear, much like their fathers overcame their fear of the automobile.

Jumping into the computer age is not expensive. Currently there are many places (colleges, community centers, and libraries) which teach for free how to use a computer.

Also you don't even have to buy a computer. For a small fee public libraries, and also commercial places like Kinko’s, and Mail boxes, etc. rent computers to the public.

The computer age is here and it will not go away. It behooves every Christian to learn and use this tool for the glory of God.

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