Come to Adventure

Dear: Unbeliever

Come to Adventure


If you are bored with life and desire adventure and excitement, then let me recommend you the Christian life.  Yes I am not kidding.

Maybe the only image of Christianity you have is of people sitting in the pews, and becoming bored to tears.  However there is another facet to it.  The Christian life can be full of excitement and adventure for the believer that fully commits himself to the Lord.

Just think about Noah, the man who built an ark.  He went through a flood, and then started anew in a completely changed earth.  He did it because he trusted in God.

How about Abraham, who was told by God to leave his birthplace, and go down unto unknown lands, where he went through many adventures.

What better example than that of David the shepherd boy who became a King.  He trusted in the Lord, and being yet a small boy slew a giant, later on he went through other adventures till he became a king.

Space would fail me to mention all the men of God who through faith subdued kingdoms, fought greatbattles, and performed great deeds.

However adventurous believers are not found only in the pages of the Bible.  Throughout history many Christians have gone to far away lands taking the gospel to the lost.  They have crossed wild rivers, climbed dizzying mountains, walked steaming deserts, and did many other things in order to reach the lost.

Yes, there is adventure and danger in serving Christ. How would you like to smuggle Bibles into China? or perhaps reach a tribe in Brazil or in Africa?  There are still plenty of places where the gospel hasn't reached yet. There are plenty of things for you to do for the kingdom of God.

Do you want a ho-hum life or are you thirsting for something more?  Will you be up to the challenge?  If you do, then accept Jesus Christ into your life.  Commit yourself wholly unto him, and be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.


Your sincere friend

Evangelist, George Cardenas

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