The Bible is the most up to date book on human needs.  Its basic guidelines show us the proper way to deal with most situations in life.  Studying by need is a very personal way to learn and apply the Gods word to our lives and relations with others.  There are a great many areas where the Bible can guide us, but the following are perhaps the major areas where we need most help.

Help in our religious life. This is an area where we need a lot of guidance, so God patiently tells us his doctrines, principles and rules, so we can properly serve and worship him".

Help with our feelings. When one is sad or depressed, reading uplifting verses will bring hope.  If victorious read the celebration verses.  All the basic range of human feelings are covered.

Help with our health. When one is sick, there is no better doctor than God. We can follow the spiritual counsel, the nutritional guidance and the health advice of the Bible to heal our bodies.

Help in our finances. Its sound economic advice is still relevant to today's financial world.  Before making a monetary decision, read "The Heaven Street Journal".

Help in our family relations. God created the family unit and he knows the best way it can be preserved, and made to flourish. This includes spouse, children, parents, and relatives.

Help in our work life.  Man has labored since the beginning, and God established laws for work. These laws prevent abuse, create fair compensation, and give other employment guidance.

Help in our social life.  Society is basically the same as it was in biblical times, only the technology and surroundings have changed.  God's laws for society preservation are still valid.

Help with our problems. The Bible won't tell you exactly what you should do in certain situations, but following its guiding principles will help you to avoid making the wrong decision. Read some of the rules and laws God established; how do they apply in our modern world. Read some of the problems that people encountered, what was their response? What were the results?

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