Why should we evangelize and witness to non-Christians. Are we trying to make people morally good, or to make them members of a social club?

These are not good reasons at all. There are plenty, who are morally good without being religious; and as to clubs or societies go, the Kiwanis make a better choice.

Maybe we should remember that Jesus main reason for coming was to seek and to save those which were lost, that was and is the reason of his life, death and resurrection, everything else is secondary.

Jesus has gone, but not before telling us that we should go into the whole world and continue his labor of saving the lost.

When a person is lost at sea, or in the woods, a great effort is put out by a great number of people to find him. 

Yet, how shall we explain the current apathy of most Christians toward the millions of lost souls in this world. Could it be that they really don't believe that people are lost?

Unfortunately today many Christians are not even sure that men are lost and without hope.  That some Christians hesitate on this doctrine is disgraceful, but what really tops it off, is when some so called ministers write or say that one really can't be sure about the lostness of men.

It is time to put a stop to this halting between two opinions; either men are lost without Jesus or they are not.  If they are not then let us pack our bags and go home.  But if they are then we need to take seriously our witnessing.

I really have no idea what it is to be lost forever, but it must be something so terrible, that Jesus thought it necessary to come down from heaven, and die in order to rescue us from it.

The day I no longer believe in the lostness of men, I will simply close my Bible, throw it in the wastebasket, and go back to my former life.

The problem is that people are easily deceived by appearances.  When they see a "good" person, they think that he should go to heaven, not knowing that this person has done evil secretly; or that his heart is filled with hatred.

But God is not deceived, he has seen all of humanity past and present, and has declared that there is none righteous, that all are lost without him.  When we don't believe it, we are actually calling God a liar.

Dear brethren don't be fooled by people's outward appearance.  We need to spread the Gospel because they are lost.  And if we don't tell them they will remain in that condition.

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