Dear friends this time I want to speak and encourage that most neglected group of Christians, I am talking about the sowers of the gospel.

You, the ones who witness in your neighborhood, your job, and to your friends and relatives. 

Yes you the few, the humble, the soul winners.  You are the marines of God; you are the storm troopers of heaven.

You who bear the brunt of the devil's attack; because he wants to sidetrack you and stop you from spreading the gospel.

In love you witness to people, but they respond to your love with hatred, they call you a wild eye fanatic, and other demeaning names; not understanding that you only seek their good.

But you not only face hostility from the lost, but also from other Christians. Your own brethren tell you to stop witnessing so much; your zeal for God is an embarrassment to them.

Maybe one of the elders or even the pastor himself has told you, that your witnessing might give the church a bad reputation.

(After all people are no longer won by a presentation of the gospel, but by inviting them to a big beautiful building, with a twenty member choir; where they can join any group, from the single mingle to the holy bowlers.)

Oh you seem like an anachronism now.  They say you are outdated, a throwback, a dinosaur.  After all Christians now have access to modern methods of evangelism. Never mind that these methods have the stench of Hollywood, and the oiliness of Madison Avenue.

Your winning of souls by telling them to repent of their sins is too negative, so you are told.  You are now told to give a positive, "gooey", feel good message, never mind that this kind of witnessing only gives superficial results.

Sometimes in your church you are the only one that witness to the lost.  Do not judge the rest of your brethren, leave that to God.  You just keep on witnessing; who knows you might be an example for new Christians.  The church needs you desperately, even if no one appreciates your labor.

Do not despair my dear brethren.  Even if the people were to beat you like they did the Apostle Paul; Even if you were cast out of the church like the blind man, whom Jesus healed; Even if you were threaten with death, keep on witnessing.

God won't forget the labor you have done for him, and he will reward you.  Please do not stop sowing the gospel; for in due season you shall reap if you faint not. (Galatians 6:9)

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