I have given you some of the ideas that I have learned and used in many years in the ministry that I have used in my Bible studies. But you can be creative and come up with many more ways to study by yourself or in a group setting.

Use what others have already used in their bible studies. Many people have written songs; written books; have created musical videos or tape recordings. Some have painted biblical scenes; have created sculptures; have created expressive dances; have created skits or biblical plays. Diagrams, maps, charts, pottery and many more. If others have done it, you can try your hand at one thing or another, perhaps you will create some type of masterpiece.

Come on now, study a section of the Bible and try to write a poem about it. How about creating a Bible board game? Look at the book of Psalms and see if you could write your own Psalm. How about writing a fictional story about a little known character in the Bible? Supposed you had to write a letter to King David, what would you tell him?

Creativity is endless, it just needs to be unleashed and pretty soon you will be doing things that I never even imagined. Look at the Bible section you are reading and see what you can do with it. Perhaps you can create a list with it or a chart of some type, maybe a colorful diagram? Perhaps bake something mentioned in the Bible, like that Ezekiel bread recipe.

Supposed you live in that time with the Israelites and they asked you to create a flag or write a national anthem? And why confine yourself to just the Israelites, how about switching sides just for fun. How about creating a costume like a philistine warrior?

I have not done everything that I have mentioned in here, because I either lack the ability or have no interest in certain areas. But I have tried to be creative in my Bible studies and have experimented with different styles of Bible studies. Some successful, some total disasters, but it was fun and I learned something.

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