There is a whole culture of people deeply devoted to sports and physical activities.  About 100,000 people play in pro and semi-pro sports.  With a greater number involved in a lesser scale.

There are a few Christian organizations actively evangelizing in this area, but the church as a whole has ignored this segment of the population.

The typical athlete has little time for God; His training and conditioning take most of his time.  Many of them consider religion as something for weaklings and losers.

America, like old Greece, worships strength, agility, and physical beauty. Winning athletes are showered with money and adoration.  But this often is the cause of their own destruction.    

Sports are extremely competitive.  The athlete is continually seeking that winning edge.  In order to win some take desperate measures; a young gymnast will starve herself, at the age when her body most needs nutrition. A body builder will take steroids regardless of the future consequences.

In order to reach this group of people we must change a few things.

Some old legalistic churches still believe that sports are sinful or worldly.  They prohibit or discourage their members from practicing them.

This attitude must change. Sports are good; they promote physical health, team work, excellence, and a winning attitude. The Bible even talks about sports without ever condemning them.  The problem is when they become the god in one's life.

Many athletic events are held on the day the church has its services. No church should cancel its services to play or to watch a sporting event.  But why not have a sport-fellowship at another time or on another day? An athlete could attend this and even invite some of his friends.

Perhaps we could add another service or even move the service to a schedule that would not conflict with a sport event. This might sound like heresy to some, but why should we load up the athlete with guilt, by telling him he is sinning for playing on the Lord's Day, when every day belongs to God?

There are many ways to reach athletes. One way is by joining a fan club, you could also adopt an athlete, pray for him or her.

There are also many sport clubs, and leagues, why not join one of them. You don't have to be a pro or even know the sport to join in. Choose one which you will enjoy.  

Many years ago I was into running; I had friends who were marathon runners. They told me how to run correctly, and I was able to tell them about Jesus my Lord.

If more athletes become Christians it will show others, that Christ is not for losers.

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