Was born in 1 AD(?) in the city of Tarsus, the capital of Cilicia.

He spent his youth in Jerusalem educated under the feet of the great Jewish scholar, Gamaliel.  Paul was fluent in Hebrew, Greek, and possible other languages.

When the Church began at Jerusalem, it soon found a fierce opponent in this young Pharisee.

He started a great persecution in Jerusalem, and was on his way to Damascus to apprehend the fleeing disciples; but in his journey to Damascus, he had a vision of the Lord Jesus Christ.

From that time on he became the greatest missionary the Church has ever had.

He started preaching Jesus in Damascus, but persecution forced him to escape.  He then went to Arabia, where he spent three years in solitude.

Afterwards he visited Jerusalem and after spending two weeks there he fled to Tarsus.

Later Barnabas brought him to Antioch. There Paul established a thriving church.

After three years he was sent by the church to spread the Gospel.

He went forth with Barnabas and in spite of fierce opposition they established churches in Salamis, Paphos, Antioch of pisida, Iconioum, Lystra, Derbe, and Perga.

He returned to Antioch and soon was embroiled in battle with the Judaizers in the church.  He went to the council in Jerusalem where the issue was resolved in his favor.

Later he departed from Antioch with Silas and went forth to establish churches in Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea, Athens, and Corinth.

He went in his third and last missionary journey and established a thriving church in Ephesus.

He went to Jerusalem, where he was almost killed by a mob, but was rescued by the Romans, and imprisoned as a troublemaker.

He defended himself before the Jewish council, but had to be taken to Caesarea in order to protect his life.

He defended himself before the Governor Felix, but was unjustly put in prison for two years.

When Porcious Festus came as the new Governor, Paul again defended himself, and appealed to Caesar.

Before departing he was able to preach Jesus Christ to King Agrippa.

He went to Rome as a prisoner, and was shipwrecked in the Island of Melita.

Afterwards he arrived at Rome, where he preached for two years in his own rented house, while awaiting judgment.

According to legend he was released, and went to Spain.

Later he was arrested by Rome again, and was beheaded for his faith in Christ Jesus, around 67 AD.

Paul was hated, persecuted, imprisoned, and finally killed, but his enemies could not silence him.  For even after his death he still speaks thru the fourteen epistles that he left as a legacy to the church.

Paul's exemplary missionary life has inspired many to follow in his footsteps.

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