Matthew 13:47 Again, the Kingdom of heaven is like unto a net, that was cast into the sea, and gathered of every kind.

When fisherman throw their nets into the ocean, they catch a mixed amount of fish. There are small, and large, also colorful, and dull fishes.

God doesn't want just one type of person. He wants variety; That is why he created us differently, not only in our skin, and size, but also in our personalities, and character.

Please come out here into this vast ocean of humanity and help us to gather them. Don't discriminate against any group. Let us bring of every kind into his kingdom.

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Due to the amount of prayers requested, it is not possible for us to pray individually for every prayer request, and it would be dishonest to imply that we do. So instead we will add your prayer request to our list, which we will take before The Lord God Almighty.

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