A Bible study is not very useful unless you have written down what you have learned. We humans have a tendency to forget what we have read. You should have a personal Bible study notebook where you keep all the studying and learning you have done. The notebook is knowledge and wisdom gathered with your labor from the word of God; don’t let all that effort go to waste by putting away the notebook and forgetting about it.

The following are some of the steps that need to be taken after one has finished a Bible study, unless these are done all the effort and time spent will be lost.


Wrap it up. Write any last thoughts and insights while they are fresh in your mind, don’t wait till another day because by then you will have forgotten what you wanted to add.

Rewrite it. Every good writer rewrites; in order to better organize your thoughts and ideas in a clear and neat manner. This will also ensure that your writings are readable.

Save it. Whether you use a paper notebook or a digital notebook, make sure that your work is in a safe accessible place and if possible keep a copy in a safe place.

Apply the lesson. Do not let your Bible studies just become abstract knowledge.  Try to find ways to practice what you have learned. Those Bible studies should become integrated into your daily life.

Review it. Time has a way to make people forget the lessons learned, so review your notebook with all those studies as often as necessary.

Share it. Help other Christians grow in their faith, by sharing what you have discovered through your studies, if you want to make copies of your study and pass it to others who are interested.

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