The advent or second coming of Jesus has been proclaimed for 20 centuries.
This has been such a long time, that it indeed has caused some people to say "Where is the promise of his coming?". (II peter 3:4)
Moses told the elders "Tarry here till I come again unto you". (Exodus 24:14)
However the people got so impatient, because Moses delayed his coming, that they made gods and corrupted themselves. (Exodus 32:1)
Jesus told us that he was going away and would come back again. (John 14:3)
However some people seeing that Jesus delays his coming; have become impatient and have made their own little gods and have corrupted themselves.
He also warned us that no man knoweth the hour or the day, but there are some false prophets running around predicting his coming on such and such a date, and each time they only embarrass themselves and Christianity.  
Jesus will surely come back again in the same manner that he left, (Acts 1:11) and every eye shall see him. (Revelation 1:7)
Jesus said, I will come
(Revelation 22:20)
Paul said, He will come
(Hebrews 10:37)
James said, He will come
(James 5:8)
Let us wait for him
(I Corinthians 1:7)

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