Last Updated 10-25-2014

The New testament of the New Apostolic Bible has been finished.
The digital version will sell for 2.99, to raise funds to help us continue our ministry.

The Spanish version is already available but it still needs a good revision

Right Now we are going thru the 3rd revision of the New testament which we expect to finish by december of 2014.

After we finish the 3rd revision, we will go and review the Spanish New Testament and continue also working on the Old Testament part of "The Holy Apostolic Bible" version 2000.

I am well aware that we are making little progress, but please understand that unlike some other ministers, I do have a fulltime job, since I need to support my family.

This is a self-supporting ministry, and I get no support from any big denomination.
Perhaps the Lord will one day bless us with more finances so that we can make more progress in finishing "The Holy Apostolic Bible" version 2000, & creating new messages to continue teaching and spreading the gospel.
If you would like to contribute so that can finish sooner, we will appreciate your help
Please pray that I will have more time available, to continue our ministry.