The Icon Bible

About a couple of years before 1999 I thought that perhaps this thing of translating the Bible into all the languages of the world was an enormous undertaking and that perhaps there was a better way to go about it. Why not simply create a single language that everyone could understand? Well as a translator myself I knew of the limits of Esperanto and other attempts at world languages. I had studied some Japanese so I knew about Kanji, but I did not think that was the right approach either.

I looked at different ways that a language could be created and came to the idea that perhaps computer icons could fill that purpose. However at those times the number of computer graphics was limited, there were only a few wingdings and webdings to make a language out of them.  However I did use some wingdings and webdings in the creation of The Holy Apostolic New Testament, I believe I was the first one to ever embed computer icons in a Bible to convey ideas. Because I could not create a decent language out of what was then available, I decided to just drop the idea of an Icon Bible to some future time.

Fast forward to the year 2020 when I begun to think that the invention and wide distribution of Emojies and Emoticons could perhaps be used to look again at the idea of a universal iconic bible, a bible that can be read by anyone in the whole planet, a Bible that relies only on universal images to convey words and ideas. Maybe it is still too early to create a universal bible that uses images to transmit the word of God, but perhaps we could at least start the process and then let some future generation complete this task. I would like to at least lay the foundation or the framework for this work. The building of the Great Wall of China took many generations to complete, but I hope that creating a Universal iconic Bible may only take a couple of generations at most.

Anyway, this is just a dream of mine that perhaps one day I could start again.