Dear brethren


            When we started this ministry many years ago, we desired to bless the body of Christ and not make our ministry a business.

In the past we gave away free much material, and we bore all the costs of producing and sending that material. We would love to continue giving our material free to all brethren but the reality is that we simply cannot afford to give our material free for we have expenses to cover. For years I have covered many of those expenses myself out of my own salary from my work, but some of that has not worked out too well. Because of our past experiences we are not longer able to provide free material. We try to keep the prices of our ministry products affordable so that more Christians can afford to buy our books, but some costs are simply unavoidable, and we simply do not have the resources to cover them ourselves.

In over 35 years of Ministry, I personally have not received a single penny from my ministry, the few contributions that came our way have all gone to pay for the ministry expenses, and not one single cent has gone to me.  I have worked for free for over 35 years, lest anyone would say that I am in the ministry to make money. This ministry has been operating in the red since day one, but by the mercy of God I have been able to keep it going. I hope you are understanding of our situation and feel that you are getting good solid teaching from our books.  Thank you for your understanding.