I was told that a few years back these natives were a very superstitious people, who killed each other without conscience; and had acquired only the bad habits of the foreigners among them. But those reports are hard to believe. Although they still dress and eat the same food as their ancestors, they behave with the utmost civility today.

I decided to interview a group of them regarding this change.


Me: Excuse but could you tell me why this tribe has changed?


Woman native: Yes it is because a man brought us the truth.


Me: What truth?


Young native: About Jesus, how he loved us and died for our sins.


Me: Many people believe those are make believe stories.


Young man: We have heard many make believe stories, but none that could stop us from killing each other. 


Me: Which man brought you the truth?


Old Native: A missionary from a far away land.


Me: How long did he stay?


Old native: oh, he lived with us for many years.


Me: Then he went home, I presume.


Young native: He never left, he died among us.


Me: how did he die?


Woman native: My grandfather killed him, right grandpa?


Older native: Yes I did child, but I regret that I did.


Me: Excuse me, but I don't understand you. You killed him? Why? What did he do to you?


Older native: He only did good to me.  But our priest said that he was bad, and had to die.


Me: So your priest ordered you to do it?


Older native: Yes, and also because he was converting many of our family to his beliefs


Woman native: That's right grandpa.


Me: So you killed him for evangelizing your family, so I guess that did stop his work?


Older native: No it did not.


Me: Please will you tell me more about this?


Younger native: We must be going, the church service is about to start.


Me: So a new missionary came to replace him?


Woman native: No other missionary came after him.


Me: Wait, if the missionary is dead and no one replaced him, who is preaching the gospel?


As they were leaving the older native turned briefly around and said, "I am".



By George Card