This was a speech made by a Flathead Indian in 1832


"I came to you over the trail of many moons from the setting sun.

You were the friend of my fathers, who have gone the long way.

I came with one eye partly opened,

for more light for my people who sit in darkness.

I go back with both eyes closed.

How can I go back blind to my blind people?

I made my way to you with strong arms,

through many enemies and strange lands,

that I might carry much back to them.

I go back with both arms broken and empty.


My people sent me to get the white man Book of Heaven.

You took me where they worship the Great Spirit with candles,

and the Book was not there.

You showed me images of the good spirits and pictures of the good land beyond,

but the Book was not among them.

I am going back the long, sad trail to my people of the dark land.

You make my feet heavy with gifts, and my moccasins will grow old in carrying them,

but the Book is not among them.


When I tell my poor blind people, after one more snow, in the council,

that I did not bring the Book,

no word will be spoken by our old men, and our young braves.

One by one they will rise and go out in silence.

My people will die in darkness,

and they will go on the long path to other hunting grounds.

No white man's Book to make the way plain.

I have no more words."


*A tribe of Indians had heard of ‘The White Man’s Book of Life,’ and had sent a party of their best warriors east to get it. They made a journey of two thousand miles to get the Bible. Only two survived but returned without a Bible.