(Real life event)


During a great fire at our apartment complex

a neighbor was burning inside her apartment

there was crying and everyone was perplex

at her continual crying and her great lament


My daughter tried opening the door,

but the smoke and heat was so extreme

she could not enter nor do anymore

than to listen to her terrifying scream


Some men did all they could do
some pushed till the door broke
others broke the lady's window
and entered amidst the smoke


It was a dangerous situation
the sick lady used oxygen tanks
but there was no explosion

For this the Lord we give thanks


Most from the fire were running

But she was a neighbor and friend

To save her they kept trying
my daughter and the brave men


The fire was intense

The fire was dangerous

Their care was immense
brave and generous


Without expecting reward
nor giving a reason

they tried real hard

to save just one person


They battled the fire

but arrived too late

they could not save her
from her horrible fate

My brethren, you who are saved by the blood of Jesus,

There are people who will die and go to hell

Will they go there without ever hearing the gospel?


Maybe you cannot save them all but could you at least try to save one?

Will your neighbors and close friends be lost without you at least trying to save them?



By George Card