By George Card


When I look at humanity and see what we have done and how we behave, I have no words to describe the incredible madness that I see. Our society is in total chaos, things are out of control, it is a mad house with the patients in charge. Immorality is everywhere, and everyone does what is right in their own eyes. Right and wrong have lost their meaning; right is called wrong and wrong is called right. We as a society stumble from one perversion to another perversion without a single bit of remorse or crumb of guilt. Yes I know there are still some sane people who are not a part of this mess, but they are a tiny minority.


But the madness has extended over the whole world. It is a world in chaos, some nations are in worse shape than others, but overall all the nations and all the people have descended to unimaginable lows, not thought possible a few years ago. Spiritual darkness has covered the whole land. One nation after another is becoming infected with violence and evil not even imagined a few years ago.


There is no fear of God anymore, anywhere, by anyone, it has evaporated. God is blasphemed everyday and his commandments are broken without a second thought. Evil doers and atheists shake their hands at God daring him to do something to them. We have done evil beyond what our ancestors have done. God must have infinite patience and love to refrain his hand from sending the destruction upon us that without doubt we deserve.


Even those who claim to be religious have joined in with evil doers; they are changing their bylaws and the doctrines that their forefathers established. One by one many denominations are falling into accepting immorality of every kind. They have eaten of the leaven of the world and are slowly but surely beginning to corrupt themselves.


Violence fills the streets; we have eaten of the bitter fruits of our harvest. We have sown the wind and reaped the whirlwind.  We planted rebellion and witchcraft and have reaped a harvest of thorns and briars. Yet we have gotten less than what we truly deserve. There are still a few pockets of righteousness, but oh so few. If angels came down to see our wickedness, they would hard pressed to find even 5 righteous people in most cities, much less 10 of them.


What we truly deserve is total destruction; we have earned the deepest regions of hell. The fires of hell should be stoked and heated a thousand times hotter; the darkness should be made even darker a total emptiness of light, a terrifying darkness that may be felt. That is what we truly deserve, that is what we have fully earned oh God.


But oh Lord I ask for mercy, please have mercy upon us and fill us with the spirit of repentance. Let us cry out loud and spare not, let there be no pet sins remain alive, no little foxes to spoil the vine. Woe, woe unto us for we have not repented of our wickedness. Oh lord we need to shed rivers of tears and cry incessant lamentations, but our eyes are dry and our voices are silent.


Show us the way back to truth, move within our hearts to go back to your ways. Save us and redeem us for your name sake. Oh Lord be merciful to us sinners, we are wretched and poor and blind; we have fallen into a ditch; help us get out of this ditch of sin.


I know, I know, I know that we deserve your full fury and your indignant wrath, we truly deserve complete annihilation and zero mercy. But oh Lord, send us your undeserved mercy; send your spirit of prayer and supplication upon us. Let us weep and howl for the sins of this world, this nation and our very own.


Oh Lord touch us with your spirit, that we may feel the bitter grievousness of sin, that we may weep with gushing torrential rivers of tears and plead with the great cries and lamentations louder than thunders for ourselves and our nation.