By George Card


I am amazed, simply amazed at the incredible twisting of God’s word. It seems that just about anything can be taught, justified, or implied from the Bible just by twisting it hard and long enough. Well did Peter said that men would twist and pervert the word of God, to teach things which are not and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 Pet 3:16


There are many ways to twist the word of God, but the easiest way to twist the word of God is to quote a verse totally out of context. This shows a lack of respect for the Bible. The Bible is not a book of quotations that you can just pick and choose what you need. It is set of 66 books each one with a coherent theme and idea. Picking and choosing a verse here and there is playing a game of words.


Another way to twist the word of God is to change the interpretation. There is only one interpretation that is correct for each verse of the Bible, to say to someone who disagrees with you “that is your interpretation” is nonsense. There is only one correct interpretation for each verse of the Bible, and that is what the speaker or writer meant.


Of course the cultists are extremely adept at this game. When a scripture teaches something that goes contrary to their teaching, they simply twist it to mean something different. Never mind the context of a verse. Well this is to be expected of them.


Even people who do not believe the Bible or are against the Bible twist it whenever it suits their purpose. They twist the Bible to teach that the Bible talks about alien life forms and spaceships. Some have used the Bible to teach about the lost city of Atlantis, Other have used the Bible as an esoteric book that teaches secret magick. The Masons have used it as a supposed repository of ancient cabalistic knowledge. Even homosexuals have gotten into the act and have gone so far as to say the Bible actually condones homosexuality.


But this problem goes beyond the cultists or the motley crew of far out people. This problem goes even into the bastion of Christendom. Any preacher that has a pet peeve can find a scripture that will support him, if he can not find one then he will simply twist one into fitting his preconceived ideas.


There are times when sometimes we (Bible Teachers) do not understand something in the scriptures, but rather than research it we assume it means this or that. At other times some preachers really do not know what something means, but instead of having the humility to admit it, they will just rush full ahead and say it means such and such; well anyone who actually checks the dictionary will soon discover the truth.


There are some scriptures that I really don’t understand what they mean, so I just don’t preach from them. I really have no idea what Paul meant in 1CO 15:29 "Now if there is no resurrection, what will those do who are baptized for the dead?” I too sometimes have a hard time understanding Jesus or some of the Apostles. However I trust that the Holy Spirit of God will eventually lead me into all truth.


Sometimes it is amusing how some preachers twist the word of God to fit their ideas and at other times it is sickening. One man was teaching that he knew exactly what Jesus wrote down when the Pharisees brought the adulteress before him. When question how he knew he claimed it was a special revelation, that the spirit revealed the deep things of God. Wow this is some special revelation.


One preacher from the pulpit was teaching that a woman should not wear red shoes, that red shoes were the shoes worn by harlots. Well how in the world did he ever got that from the Bible? He said that the spirit guided him into that truth. I know that Jesus said the spirit will guide us into all truth, but any truth must be backed up somewhere in the Bible.


I feel like getting in this bandwagon and get a sudden revelation that chewing gum in church is a horrible sin. I could get in the pulpit and preach my heart out against Wrigley and his demonic product and people needing to get delivered from a spirit of chewing. If anyone asks I would only need to say that this was a special revelation from God. After all the spirit reveals the deep things of God.