By George Card


One of my daughters was once told she was not a Christian by a person who claims to be a Christian. The accusation was that because she did not follow a certain legalistic rule of his church, then she was not a Christian; it was a rule that is not even in the Bible. Somehow this person believed that a certain church’s teaching was just as valid as the Bible, never mind if that teaching cannot be found in there. Mat 15:9 “They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.'"


First of all this person did not even know my daughter, did not even know what we believe, but based on the teaching of some human organization, pronounced my daughter a non-Christian.  Apparently he was unaware of the real biblical commandment that says "thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour". But it seems that this commandment is not thought of as a big deal now days.


The tabloids are filled with false accusations against famous people. The reason is simple, scandal sells. Who cares if the information is true or not as long as the magazine sells, is all that counts. That the world is full of such things does not surprise me, but that the church is infected, does worry me.


False accusations under the pretense of "praying for someone" fly back and forth. The church has disguised its gossip line as a prayer line, and then it thinks it is OK. Well it is not. It is not OK to pass false rumors and comments about a church member and even if the rumors are true it still doesn't make it right. Two wrongs do not make a right.


As a minister of the gospel I have been accused of many things, most of the time as rumors or whispers, but on a few occasions to mine own face. My good deeds have been suspected. Some have assumed my actions have some dark sinister reason. If I speak with a young woman, then I am looking for some "action". If I comfort a young man, I probably have "unnatural" desires. If I comfort an old person, then I am probably looking for a donation. If I talk to children, then I might be a pedophile. If I give up and don’t talk or interact with anybody, then I am aloof and don’t care about people or I think I am somehow superior to them. It is simply impossible to win at this foolish game.


There really is nothing that a minister can do or say that cannot be open to evil interpretations. No matter what I do or how good are my actions there will always be someone who looks for an evil ulterior motive to my actions or words. They will then spread what their sick and sinful imagination has concocted to the four winds. At first it bothered me that people made such accusations or "insinuations" about me. But then I had to accept that, as just another part of being a minister of God.


Jesus was accused of being a winebidder, having a devil and many other false accusations, yet there were all untrue Mat 10:25. So if I ask for money, then according to them I am into the ministry for the money, well excuse me but I do have high paying technical skills, I really don't need the headaches of the ministry to make money.


Well did Jesus said "If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household?" Yes there will be false accusations raised against the children of God, but what really hurts is that many of those accusations will be done by other "Christian" brethren or even by our own church members.