Jesus christ superstar

By George Card


Back in the 1971 there was a Broadway show that portrayed Jesus as a superstar; it had great lyrics, and was a magnificent show except for the dialogue that was kind of heretical. It depicted Jesus as just a man. It also made strong insinuations of a relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. However let me point out something positive. It was a play about Jesus Christ. It was a play that portrayed Jesus as a superstar.


Let me say that Jesus has been the subject of many movies, books and songs. Jesus Christ is indeed a superstar. Let me rephrase that, for that actually is not totally correct. He is not only a superstar but actually he is the biggest superstar, he outshines all other stars. Next to him all the great men in history pale in comparison, he is a class by himself.


All the great conquerors, Alexander the great, Napoleon, Julius Caesar and all the rest of those mighty warriors could never command the loyalty that Jesus commands from his troops. All the wisest philosophers and learned men of history can't light a candle next to his discourses. All the religious leaders of the world are but a flickering light next to his awesome blinding presence.


No man in history has ever changed the world as much as he did. No man in history has ever spoken as he did. Despite the enemies of Christianity constant criticisms of the church and the Christians, they can never deny the impact that Jesus Christ has had upon the world.


He stands shoulder and head above his brethren. Other men are compared to him, but he is not compared to anyone. He is the ultimate example, the totality of man, and the perfect man. He is so remote from the reach of any man that it is like a man trying to swim across the Pacific Ocean with his two hands.


Throughout history thousands of people gladly died for Jesus. They sang his praises while going to certain death. They would make great sacrifices and even give their life to evangelize the lost souls. They would go unto unknown lands and face any dangers in order to spread the message of Jesus.


Millions of songs are sung about him every day, millions of prayers are pronounced in his name. Millions of people worship him every day. All across the world in every nation people read his mighty acts, and praise him.


No tribute, award, ceremony, honor or anything is good enough for him. He is wonderful, he is magnificent, he is glorious, he is incredible; the dictionary and the thesaurus do not have enough words to describe Jesus. We could make many plays and many more movies about him yet those could never be enough tribute to his majesty and glory.


We could never do enough justice to him, we could never give him the honor he is rightly due, we could never exalt him enough, and we could never be too devoted to him. Anything that we humans could do to display his brilliance would not be enough. No pageantry would be proper for him. No parade big enough. We could multiply the amount of songs about Jesus, and we still have not scratched the surface. We could give all the gold and silver in our hands and all of our riches combined and that would still not be a proper offering to him.


Revelation 4:8 says that in heaven ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands of angels worship Jesus. That is at least one-hundredth million angels. Furthermore every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, are commanded to worship Jesus.


The praises of Jesus will be sung forever and ever. Eternity is not long enough to praise his name. There are not enough songs to praise him, there are not enough blessings to bless him, and there are not enough people in the universe to thank him. No worship of Jesus could ever be considered excessive, for he is worthy of all worship.


Jesus Christ is the bright and morning star, he is indeed the Superstar (Revelation 22:16)