By George Card


Let us talk about the worship of the round God. No, I am not talking about sun worship, (although that too is bad) I am referring to the round god called the ball. Yes the Ball as in BasketBall, BaseBall, FootBall, and any other Ball game.


The scriptures say thou shall not set up any other God before me. Yet sports are placed ahead of God. There are people who will not go to church because a ball game is on TV. Or they are in a sports league. The Ball game has priority over the things of God.


How important are sports? They are a multibillion dollar industry. Ballplayers get paid outrageous salaries for just knowing how to play with a ball. It is not only the games they play but all those endorsements and deals which they make. A player who markets himself well can get more money from outside sources that from his salary as a player.


The players not only get rich, but famous as well. Everywhere they go people recognize them and worship them. That is why they are called idols, and idolatry is an abomination to God. A player has the world at his feet just because he can play with a ball. Some of those players are extremely well talented and become legends, but they are still humans in need of salvation. Being a sports legend does not guaranty entry into heaven, there are no side doors into heaven, everyone enters thru the same door, Jesus Christ.


A doctor can save many human lives yet he will never receive the salary nor fame accorded to a man who can hit a ball with a stick. The ball player plays a game where if he wins or loses nobody gets hurt, but if the doctor loses, the patient dies.


What about the preacher, no preacher will ever be recognized by multitudes when he gets of a plane. There might be one or two people in the crowd who knows who he is but generally speaking he is an unknown. Yet his work is way more important than any score in the billboard. By his words he will send some people to eternal salvation or eternal damnation, surely nothing could be more important than that.


I do not know or care who won the super bowl last year, neither do I care who were the world champions in basketball, baseball or soccer. I do not care who won the PGA tournament or the grand slam. It is not important, it doesn't make a bit of difference in the view of eternal matters. There are things far much more important than sports


There is world hunger, poverty, homelessness, AIDS, environmental destruction, Abortion, Terrorism, alcoholism, drug use, and the list goes on and on. Then there is the problems in religion. There are false cults, false teachings, wayward church members, financial needs, and a host of other concerns of the church.


When seen in its proper light of relevance and importance, we see that sports are at the bottom of the totem pole, yet in the pagan world they are in the top. This only goes to show you how messed up the world is.


Sports are a form of worship. The god is the Ball, because no matter how talented a person is he eventually gets old and retires, but the games goes on and on. The super bowl is not the ultimate game, because they keep on playing it year after year.


Do I hate sports, nope; I myself have dribbled a few basketballs, kicked a few soccer balls, swung the bat, and even tossed a pigskin. (Yes I can hear the cries of hypocrite). But sports are not important to me. It does not make me a better Christian if I strike out or if I miss the hoop. They do not contribute to my spiritual person.


As far as I am concerned, Sports are not important, they are just a side distraction, something to do once in a while for relaxation or exercise, not something to get all wound up about, nor anything to miss church for. There is no excuse for missing church because of a sports event. If you do then your God is indeed the Round Ball.