By George Card


God has many enemies. They have sought to destroy God but that was an impossibility. Satan himself led a third part of the angels in Rebellion against God, but it was a losing war from the start.  Satan lost that war and was cast down from the celestial heavens. (Rev 12:9)


Since Satan cannot destroy God, then he sought to destroy the next thing more precious to God, his creation. And which one was the highest creation of God? Humankind.


Yes Satan from the beginning has sought to destroy mankind. That is why in Genesis he sought ways to corrupt humanity and destroy the people by filling the earth with violence. Yet all his plans have always been thwarted by God. God used a man named Noah to throw a monkey wrench on the evil machinery of Satan.


The greatest enemy of God has been Satan. Men have only been his pawns. Satan has influenced and used men in his war against the God of heaven. He has created countless religions and ideologies in his search to obscure and blind men to the truth. All the false religions of the world have been created by Satan.


When false religions weren’t enough to destroy the Gospel, then he created non-religions. That is Atheism, communism and other similar ideologies. What most people fail to understand is that the war is a spiritual war. Men are not really the enemies of God, they are not smart enough nor foolish enough. Behind every evil man is an evil spirit using that person for its nefarious purposes.


The atheist said that God does not exist, but their belligerent actions and words against God is proof that they indeed believe in him. If God does not exist then it should not matter if people pray to him, it would be a harmless delusion. But because the atheists do inwardly believe in God, they want to prohibit people from praying to God, they seek to erase any trace of God.


The enemies of God have invented every philosophy and ideology that fights against God. If God could be defeated at all, these enemies would have long ago defeated God. Communist thought that within a generation people would forget about God. Now that Communism has been defeated, the Russian people are turning in droves to God.


Of all the enemies of God the worst one is the traitor. The one who infiltrates the sheep and deceives them into the way of destruction. At least with the atheists you know what side they are in, the Satanists mince no words about whom do they follow.


Yet the ones who have a bible in their hand and pretend to speak for God are a hideous treacherous lot of wolves. Of course it is easy to recognize the false cultists and only a few ignorant ones fall into their traps. They can quote the Bible all day long, scream and holler, but their false doctrines are easily recognized.


But what about those that sound almost right, those ones that have almost the correct doctrine and teachings? They sound so right and yet they are leading people in the way of destruction. They tell people that the Bible is the word of God and a few minutes later they are undermining the Bible by saying well the Bible doesn’t really mean that.


These false preachers are the worst enemies of God, for they work in the inside of the church. They pretend to be the friends of God and the people. Their treachery is beyond words. They have the spirit of Judas.


Judas was in the correct religious circle, he was a treasurer of the true church. He was called to be an apostle. He was in the real true religion, but it was not inside him. Eventually he revealed himself for what he truly was, a traitor and an enemy of God.


With time these false preachers usually reveal themselves. It is just a matter of giving them time and they will eventually show that they are vicious wolves in sheep’s clothing. These enemies of God might be able to fool plenty of people, but God knows them and he is not fooled by their religious talk.