By George Card


* ABUNDANT; in life, faith, and power

* BRAVE; in the face of trials, tribulations and persecutions

* COMMITED; to serving until the end

* DOMINION; over all things

* ETERNITY; with Christ shall we spend

* FAITH; the evidence of things not seen

* GENTLENESS; with all people

* HEAVEN; our eternal abode

* INSPIRED; by his holy spirit

* JOY; our constant companion

* KNOWLEDGE; we constantly seek

* LOVE; the greatest of all

* MEEKNESS; in our walk

* NEW; life in Christ

* OBEDIENT; to his word

* PRAISE; constantly in our lips

* QUICK; to serve the Lord

* REDEEMED; by Jesus Christ

* SING; of his greatness and love

* TEMPERANCE; in all things

* UNITY; of all believers

* VICTORY; shall be ours

* WORSHIP; continually our Lord

* X; xperinece his love

* Y; Yes, follow him

* ZEAL; for the work of God


Jesus is the alpha and the Omega

Why should there be any shame

Why should there be a dilemma

In baptizing in his mighty name?


From beginning to the end

He took away all my blame

And set my soul aflame

With him eternity I shall spend


With every letter to proclaim

His might and his fame

And that Satan he overcame

Forever shall be my aim