By George Card


"A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent". John Calvin


The word of God is attacked constantly by Atheists and infidels. They have attacked Christianity in every manner possible. They persecuted the Christians for centuries and yet they haven't destroyed Christianity; the church has actually grown much bigger.


They used brutality, deception and lies, yet nothing could make a dent in the faith. It remains as strong as ever. They have used every trick they could think of to erase Christianity from the world, yet it not only still exists, but it keeps on growing.


Now days in some places they can no longer continue with physical persecution, so they resort to attacking the word of God intellectually. They dig into the scriptures trying to find anything they can criticize. They dig their supposedly "contradictions" and throw them into the face of the Christian world.


None of their "contradictions" have ever made any damage to the Bible, all is has done is to drive more Christians into researching the Old Testament culture and archeology. One by one every single contradiction has fallen down eventually. Some of the atheists have used what they though were airtight arguments, that with time turned into just hot air.


Some of the arguments were that the history recorded in the Bible was incorrect, but after years of archeological digs, almost every single historical event has been corroborated. The often used argument that the Bible contained contradictions has been resolved thru better understanding of ancient Hebrew language, idioms and culture. Even the so called scientific mistakes have diminished as science has advanced. Isnít it incredible that the more science advances, the less scientific errors appear to be in the Bible?


But atheists are not the only ones attacking the Faith; other religions and even "Christian" cults have risen against the truth in the Bible. Some countries pass laws designed specifically to stop the spread of Christianity. The agnostics spiritualized everything in the Bible and were able to create some fantastic false doctrines. The cultists twist the word of God to their own destruction and the destruction of their followers.


Jude the Apostle exhorts us to defend the faith, because evil men will try to bring damnable heresies into the church. Jude 3 Even as early as the time of Paul, some false teachers, were already attacking the doctrine of the resurrection. Paul had to defend that doctrine from those corrupters.


The attack against the doctrine of the oneness of God is done by substituting it with the false doctrine of the trinity. The attack against the doctrine of baptism in the name of Jesus is done using the expanded Greek text of Matthew 28:19. The attack against the Sabbath is done thru the force of tradition. The attacks against these three great doctrines never cease, they are constant and from every corner.


Despite centuries and multitude of attacks and condemnations these three of the greatest doctrines; The Oneness of God, Baptism in the name of Yeshua and keeping the Sabbath, still stand. We need to be like the apostles and defend them against the hordes of pseudo Christians.