By George Card


According to the world being smart is supposed to be an advantage, yet for most people it becomes a spiritual liability. The pride of the intellectual is precisely what keeps many of them from accepting the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible is quite clear, not many wise of this world will come to the Lord. (1 Corinthians 1:26).


There is nothing wrong with knowledge and wisdom for God is infinite in his knowledge and wisdom, and obviously there is nothing wrong with God. The problem is that man in his pride rejects God based upon some pseudo-scientific ideas or basis.


Yes there are some Scientists who are Christians, but the majority are not. The majority of scientists accept evolution, mostly because of intellectual pride, not because they are convinced scientifically of it. They do not want to be seen as backward and primitive. They do not want to be seen as behind the times and be ostracized by the intellectual community. Professing themselves to be wise, they have become fools.


I know there is a certain pride in being an intellectual. By trade I am a person who has worked for many years in the computer field and sometimes I have been called a "Computer Genius". Perhaps by genetic luck, my IQ is a little high. According to the world I am supposed to be a smart person. Yes I know I am foolishly boasting, but don't worry, because my God has his ways to knock me down a couple of pegs and make me eat humble pie.


The Lord has blessed me with the ability to learn. Yet for all my supposed intelligence and knowledge, I still keep falling flat on my face. I still trip over my own feet. I still keep on putting my foot in my mouth. Once in a while I do say the wrong thing, at the wrong time, in the wrong place and to the wrong person.


You see the Bible says that the foolishness of God is stronger than the wisdom of men. It would not matter if I my IQ was in the top one percent of the population or if I was the president of MENSA, I would still make mistakes. I would still fail at certain things because I am human.


The reason is simple, even if you are the smartest person in the world you do not have enough time to learn everything or comprehend everything about any subject or about life. I have learned that man is limited and it is precisely those limitations that will forever keep man's wisdom from ever understanding all the wisdom of God.


I thank the Lord that he saved me, for according to the scriptures only a few of the intellectuals are chosen by the lamb of God. The men of wisdom often acquire pride in their knowledge and wisdom. They look down upon those who cannot understand their science or speeches. Yes I can speak tech geek with the best of them, but I rather speak about Jesus, he is far more interesting than any of the latest gadget or new tech.


Science has a way to turn on people. As soon as they create something new, it begins to show a bad side effect. Computers are great machines, yet they are also great polluters. Everything that man in his wisdom creates has a dark side to it.


Unfortunately this pride does also affect some "Bible Scholars". I have read and listened to them, and have been disappointed by their religionist gibberish. Some of those biblical scholars know all the variations of different schools of prophecy or theological precepts, but they remind me of the Pharisees of Jesus' time; they had studied the scriptures for years, they knew about a coming Messiah yet when the Messiah stood before them, they failed to recognize him.


You can read the books of many of these so called "Bible Scholars", and will wonder how can they ever miss the simple plan of salvation given by that simple barely literate fisherman named Peter (Acts 2). It is there so plain for all to see, yet they read the scriptures over and over and never get it. Ever learning, yet never grasping the truth.