By George Card


Does sailing through a forty day storm strikes you as common? (Genesis 7) How about exploring an unknown land? (Genesis 12:1) Would fighting a giant give you an adrenaline rush? (I Samuel 17:50)


A common misconception many have is that living for God is a boring lifestyle. But the previous examples prove the contrary. The men of God that we read in the Bible were men who traveled around, who went into battle; they did not pass all the day in some desert place doing nothing. Some may say that these men were different from us, but no. They also had frailties and passions like ours (James 5:17)


Down through history, other Christians have followed in their footsteps. William Carey founded 26 churches in heathen India. Robert Morrison risked his life, by secretly translating the Bible into Chinese. John Elliot, the apostle to the Indians, crossed a treacherous river every week.


Today there are still plenty of exciting things to do for Christ.  How about smuggling Bibles into China?  How about smuggling Christian literature into North Korea? Or evangelizing Indians living in the towering mountains of Peru? or preaching in a clandestine church in Sudan?


Christianity is a life of taking actions, of taking risks, of going against the current. The idea of Christians living a boring life is not the reality. A Christian person might live a boring life, but that is not because of their Christianity. Christians are the world changers, the people of action, the movers and shakers of the world.


It is the Christians who have founded the hospitals, the orphanages, the schools and the great universities around the world. Everywhere Christians went they built things and created institutions that benefited humanity. By their words and their deeds the Christians brought light into the world.


But you don't need to go far away.  There is plenty of action right here in America. How about doing prison ministry? or evangelizing cult members? or perhaps building a rehab center for prostitutes? If you don't have the ability to start a ministry that is ok you can volunteer to help others in their ministries. There is plenty of action, if you really want to help.


Is there a hospital near you? They take volunteers. How about a homeless shelter or a retirement home? What about your own church? Does your church needs repairs; does it need to be cleaned? How about passing out some flyers inviting people to church? What about other ministries inside the church, if you can sing, how about choir or play instruments or decorating the church?


A Christian should not be bored, depressed or tired of life; there are a multitude of things for a Christian to do. There is really no reason why a Christian should drag through life. The Christian life can be many things, but boring shouldn't be one of them.


Stop feeling sorry for yourself  and saying that you are bored or depressed, get to work, do something for the Lord and pretty soon all that depression and boredom will go away.