God = Dog?

By George Card


A son honoureth his father, and a servant his master: if then I be a father, where is mine honour?

and if I be a master, where is my fear? Saith the LORD of hosts unto you, O Christians , that despise my name. And ye say, Wherein have we despised thy name? Mal 1:6


Well for starters, there are some of you so called "Christians" who are spiritually dyslexic and get God name backwards and think that God is a Dog. What? How utterly blasphemously sacrilegious this sounds, Yes I agree it is utterly despicable and blasphemously disrespectful how some Christians treat God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. How is that?


Well you give God the scraps of your financial table, and think that he should be happy to with it. Yes you give to God that which you would be ashamed to give to a waitress or a bellboy, yet think nothing of it giving it to God. When the collection plate comes around you search for change, and if you have none then too bad for God. If change is all you got, that is fine, but if not then keep the change for yourself and put the paper money in.


You donít pray to God, you have petition time, you whistle to God saying bring this or bring me that, bring me, bring me, bring me; and you dare to get impatient if God doesnít bring you promptly the items you so selfishly desire. Your selfish prayers are nothing but a wish list for personal gratification. Why not pray first for others and then pray for yourself. You want blessing after blessing (lots of blessings) and God better not send a trial your way or you will be mad at him.


But when you have a bad day then you kick God around and say I donít want to play-pray with you. Yes you play-pray with God. You think that God wants your half hearted prayer, with meaningless words and mindless repetitions? When you go to church, because you couldnít think of an excuse, should he appreciate your emotionless singing? Should he be glad over your mindless praise?


You do things for God out of duty instead of delight, you pray because you feel you have to, if you get around to reading the Bible you get bored in a couple of minutes, you go to church out of sense of duty and are half-asleep thru the service. You do things for God because you have to, just like you have to take out the dog for a walk.


When bad things happen to you then you kick God in the teeth and blame him, and you scream reproachfully in his face "Oh, God why did you let this happen to me?", ďI am a child of the king, nothing bad is supposed to happen to me.Ē You thus treat God like if he was a guard dog that failed to protect you and your house.


Also when you are angry with someone then you sic God on them, expecting God to go after them and punish them, like he is suppose to do your bidding and bite whoever crossed you or did wrong to you. You want God to send lightning bolts upon the head of the waitress who took too long to bring your meal. The moment the preacher fails to acknowledge you, you get all up in a knot and want God to send some sort of punishment like leprosy on that preacher.


While I am at it, let me tell you that you donít choose God, he does not have to look at you with sad puppy eyes and beg you to take him into your heart. He is not an abandoned puppy at the local shelter who you take home out of pity. Just who do you think you are to say?† "I accept Jesus into my heart", you self-conceited lump of dirt. It is God who accepts us; it is us who should be begging God to let us enter into his kingdom.


Some may think that I have gone too far in this message, but I beg to differ, I rather think I have not gone far enough. I havenít even gone half the distance that I should have gone in this message. Woe, Woe unto those who dishonor God in your dealings with him, and treat God in such an odious manner.† You have dishonored greatly the Lord Almighty.


It is only by his longsuffering mercy, that he does not rise up in righteous indignation, and strikes you with his holy wrath, which is rightly your just due.


Hear this you God-dishonoring "Christians" Stop it.† You have offended horribly the Lord, Repent now of your foolish evil wickedness.