By George Card


Jesus came to give us the gift of eternal life. It is such a great gift that Jesus died to give us that gift, it cost Jesus his own life, because it is such an expensive gift. God is eternal and only he truly knows the actual value of eternal life. We humans have no real notion or comprehension of what is to live for eternity, but God does and he wants to give us that gift. Never dying is so far out beyond our understanding that we have trouble grasping the offer that Jesus give us.


I know that in this world some people get so tired with their problems or for whatever reason, they end their own lives. Suicide is at all time record all over the world. Some countries have more suicide than others but they all have some suicides. I really donít know what drives people to end their existence in this world, but that will not exist in heaven. I believe that most suicides are done to end some type of suffering, but there will be no suffering in heaven.


Death was the first enemy that came into the world and it will be the last enemy that will be vanquished. Paul tells us that death is an enemy, death is not our friend. (1Co 15:26) Paul did not ever preach the nihilist view of we are all going to die anyway, so might as well enjoy this life to the maximum by drinking, eating and engaging in debauchery for tomorrow we die. He knew that he had a promise of eternal life by following Jesus.


This is a short life, it is not long at all, it is but a vapor as our brother James told us. Here today and gone in a little bit. (James 4:14) Time passes it does not ever stop. We all are being carried along this continual river of time, it does not slow down or hurry up but it goes on inexorably at its own pace. Nothing can stop the mighty waters of time, they drag all things along. Here and there along its bank lay the thousands of bodies of those who died from wars, diseases, and whatever else.


The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the proof that he has the power over death. Once a person dies, that is it, there is no way to come back. Jesus waited 3 days before coming back so that nobody could say that he was simply injured and he did not died. He had to be totally stiff dead, for that is the only way to prove his conquest of death. With his death and resurrection he gives us proof that he vanquishes death.


Well someone may say, that is fine, but what will you be doing for eternity? Wonít you get bored of playing those harps? Where does it say we will be spending all our day playing the harp? I would not mind learning to play the harp and spend some time playing it, but I donít think Jesus saved us so that we can spend all eternity playing a harp.


We have really no idea what we will be doing for eternity, but it will probably be sufficiently engaging that no one would even think for a second about getting bored to death. The problem with us is that it is hard, nay impossible to imagine a life without end and what activities could we do for eternity.


I could probably be able to read all the books in the world in a few billion years, then perhaps learn how to play all the instruments and learn all the gospel songs ever written in another couple of billion years and so on. But the truth is that I have no idea what I will be doing for eternity, it will probably be things I have not been able to imagine in this life. We really donít have an idea of how extremely valuable the gift of eternal life is, but maybe after a few trillion years we might begin to grasp a little of how awesome and precious it really is.