By George Card


The great unknown is heaven. Paul ascended to the third heaven, I have no idea if that means there is a first and a second heaven too or if there are many more levels of heaven. He wrote that he ďheard inexpressible things, things that no one is permitted to tell.Ē (2Co 12:4) Since he was not permitted to tell us those things, then we simply will just have to wait.


I really donít put too much credit on people who claim to have visited heaven, maybe they have but I have serious doubts. So I donít take seriously their claims. I am not going to put my hands in the fire over the tales told by some people who might be either lying or had some kind of dream. I simply take whatever they say with a rock size grain of salt.


This reminds me of the time when people escaped from communist countries and when they came to America, they found hard to believe what they found. In Russia there were only two types of ice cream flavor vanilla and chocolate while in America they could have 32 flavors. People in Communist or many poor countries could not believe the tales they heard about America, for they believe it was false propaganda from those evil capitalists.


In revelation we find amazing descriptions of heaven. Some say it is a spiritual description and not an actual physical description. Maybe it is a spiritual place, but I believe it might be a real physical description. I have no problem believing that God could actually make a city of 1400 cubic miles. It is a place with no night, for God is the light thereof. The city of God is described as sitting upon 12 foundations of beautiful colorful stones. The city shining brilliantly with streets of gold. It has magnificent walls, adorned with pearls. The inside has a magnificent garden with trees with all manner of fruits and a crystal clear river running thru it. In that city there will be no more pain or suffering, no death but only the presence of the Lord in the midst of it.


There is also no reason to suppose that we could not leave the city and travel throughout the whole universe. The Bible says that our universe will grow old but there is no reason to believe that God is not able to create another much greater universe.


God has never said or insinuated in his word that our physical world is evil. When God made the heavens and the earth he declared them good. There must be something good about matter for the spiritual God of the universe to come and inhabit a material world in the body of Jesus Christ. There is no reason to believe that somehow we are going to be disembodied spirits with no actual physical matter. Maybe we might be different in some manner, but Jesus presented himself to his disciples as someone who could be touched and handled, he even ate in their presence. The Bible says he ascended into heaven; he did not vanish into thin air like a ghost.


The problem is that we are limited by our physical surroundings. Imagine a fish that has been raised in a fish tank, all of a sudden dumped into the big ocean, that is an example of how it might be to be transferred from our existence to heaven. An incredible expansion of our horizons.


It will be an expansion of our social links, imagine a city where everyone is saved, an incredible multitude that no person could number. Everyone of those persons will have their own story, and you will get to meet them without their past human foibles or faults, for God will purify us from our sins, whatever is wrong in our spiritual being God will set it right. Not only will we know about the past, but I am quite sure that we will have a glorious future that we havenít the slightest idea of how it will be. Forget Start Trek and all those fantasy conjured places, heaven will far outstrip the imagination of those fantasy scenarios.


I am really just guessing about all this for I have never been to heaven, but I am quite sure it will be far greater than anything I have imagined or could imagine with my limited human imagination.