By George Card


If there is one word that most people associate with most Christian activities or works of today it is the word amateur. I know that as a Christian I should always support the church, and I do give my full support to the church for it is the future bride of Christ. But one thing is being supportive another thing is to overlook its shortcomings. Faithful are the wounds of a friend. (Pro 26:7)


I do not like the Catholic Church organization at all, but say all you want about their many false doctrines and shortcomings but one thing that can be said about them is that they have some professionalism. Look at their magnificent cathedrals, their art, their education, the training of their ministers and you must admit that indeed they are professionals.


Most of what I have seen in most Christian churches with a few exceptions has left me with the impression that we are simply a bunch of amateurs in our work for the Lord. Look at our church from the outside and the inside. Some Christian churches have poorly made hand signs inviting you in, really? Do you want people to enter your church when your church has paint falling of its walls, and from the outside it looks like it is falling apart? The parking lot is full of holes, trash is strewn everywhere and some of your walls even have graffiti on them. Do you really expect people to come inside your church?


Once people come inside, the carpet if there is one is all torn up, full of stains and hasnít been steamed cleaned in ages. Some of the walls have holes in them and the decoration is all pieces of non matching items or dried up flowers. The pews have bubble gum and the hymn books are all scribbled and torn apart. People are not sure if the moment they sit down the pew is going to fall apart. The restrooms have graffiti or are in bad shape and smell awful. The musical instruments are all broken up or in bad shape and the sound system sounds like a mouse is shrieking in the background.


And donít let me get started in many of the other things, the ushers are not dressed properly or donít know how to welcome visitors. Before the service, the children are running up and down the aisles while screaming and horse-playing, even going up into the stage and playing with the musical instruments or the pulpit. Where is an adult keeping the children from all that running around inside the place of worship or standing up on top of the pews?


Now I am probably going to get many hate messages for my next items. Often a choir starts with songs of praise, which is fine, but you can see that some of the choir members donít have matching robes and seriously some of those choir members should not be in it, for one simple reason, they canít sing. Someone should tell the church members that visitors are not required to already know the songs or that they should join in your singing at full volume. After a couple of songs which most likely have been selected haphazardly, the next part mercifully starts.


The preacher then comes and gets behind a wobbly pulpit and opens his falling apart Bible to preach a message. If you are a preacher, you should know where the texts you are going to use are in the Bible, you should not make your audience wait while you try to find a verse. And really what is with this idea of not preparing a message and just preaching off the cuff? That is not relying on the Spirit, all it means is that you the preacher are too lazy to prepare a message.


I could go on and on with many more items, like Christian literature (Second rate), Christian music (Second rate), Christian products (Second rate). Of course there are some Christians who produce first rate Christian music, literature or products, but they are mostly exceptions in a sea of mediocrity.


Lets us face reality, we Christians are amateurs in what we do, we lack professionalism and it is time the church starts getting more professional. We need to start working hard to become professionals in our work for the Lord. The conformity or acceptance of second rate performance in our activities needs to end. We need to strive t become professionals.