By George Card


There is no way that a person can do it all.  The one who tries to be a jack of all trades will end up as a joke in all trades.  To be really effective one must specialize in a certain area of Christian service.


Sadly to say I have seen Pastors attempting to do it all themselves.  Some play at filling every role of the ministry, the deacon, the evangelist, the prophet, the Apostle, the teacher, and even the singer. Not to mention the pastors who also play the role of the secretary, the gardener, the janitor, and the carpenter of the church.


Sometimes I ask myself if they can do it all themselves then why do they need a congregation at all?  Wouldn't it be better if the minister assessed the abilities and talents of his members, and used each according to his or her capacity.


Dear pastors you are probably talented and gifted, but please get off the spotlight, get off the pulpit and let others sing in church, let others play the musical instruments, let others use their talents to bless the people of God. Let other men of God minister to the church, how will the next generation of preachers rise up if you do not allow them to preach once in a while?


Just as a building is built by different types of workers, so it is in the church.  If you are a saint or minister of God; then there is a certain place where you need to be.  God has given unto the church five types of ministers.  For he gave some Apostles, and some, Prophets, and some, Evangelists and some, Pastors and Teachers: for the perfection of the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4:11-12)


What would happen if while a building was being constructed, the carpenter did the job of the welder? and the bricklayer swapped jobs with the electrician?  Would you risk going into this building?  Then why do some Christians insist in doing ministerial tasks for the which they are not qualified or called?


There is nothing wrong with saying I do not know or that is not part of my ministry. A preacher has no business giving advice in things that are beyond his calling and knowledge. Go ahead and send that fighting couple to marriage counseling; and that person who is having problems with weight to a nutritionist; give that struggling family a reputable book on finances. It is not your job to be a know it all. There is so much to learn that you could never know it all anyway.


You need to quit fooling around and focus on what God called you to do. Stop going in other directions, all you are doing is wasting your time, energy and probably finances in things that you should not be engage in anyway. If anyone comes to you and says, Hey pastor why don’t we this or that, you can say “excellent idea you are now in charge of doing that.” Just because something is a good idea or worthy, does it mean that you have to do it.


If you are a Pastor you can still engage in feeding the poor, but you are not a social worker, your main responsibility is to feed God’s sheep with the word of God.  If you are a Prophet you can also speak on social issues, but your main responsibility is to be the mouthpiece of God unto the Church.  If you are an Evangelist you can still preach to the church, but your main responsibility is to preach to the lost. Come on surely there are other people who can run the church kitchen or write the Church Newsletter. Dear pastors and ministers: quit trying to be a jack of all trades that is why there are church members for.