By George Card


Song of Solomon 2:15, "Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes."  This scripture tells us that it is the little foxes that spoil the vine.  Likewise many times it is the little sins that spoil the Christian.  There are some Christians that have committed big sins, like adultery and theft, and they are still in the church (The blood of Jesus covered those sins, but I assure you they did not go scot free)


What drives people away from God are not those big sins.   No, most of the time it is little petty things that really don't amount to a hill of beans. These little things drive a wedge between the believer and God.  And because they are little the believer doesn't even bother to pull them out of his heart.


And quit comparing your sin. Well my little sin is not as bad as adultery or murder. Sin is sin and all sin is bad. And no you can not control your sin, yes you can control it while it is little, but one day you will wake up and realize that your little pet sin has grown so big, that now you are the pet and your sin is leading you with its leash, by then the tables have turned.


Dear brother don't be fool by your little sin; I assure you that it will eventually grow bigger than you.  A good gardener removes the little vines from the three, because he knows that they will eventually grow so strong, that they will choke the tree to death. The best time to kill a monster is when it is little and cute, but most people feel pity for it, so they keep on feeding their little pet sin.


Tobacco addiction starts with one little puff, then it blossoms into cancer. Drug abuse starts with a small tryout, and then it often keeps on going until it is out of control. Adultery starts with a little innocent flirtation and ends up in bed. Even murder starts with a little dislike of the other person till it turns into hatred and a life sentence. Where will your little sin lead you into?


Don't be carnal like Lot, who said "Behold now, this city is near to flee unto, and it is a little one: oh, let me escape thither, (is it not a little one?".  That little city of Zoar caused his daughters, and himself to fall into drunkenness and grievous sin.


What gets my goat sometimes is the piddling, insignificant, nothing things that drives some people away from church or even from God himself. Someone is not chosen for the choir and that person simply refuses to return to church, a minister forgets to thank someone and it has become a major offense. Come on leaving the church of the living God over such miserly crummy little things? It is just inconceivable.  Little tiny offenses overblown out of proportion, an Everest made out of small grains of dust. Where is the spirit of forgive and forget?


One would think that most people leave the church after some great abuse or wrong has been done, but that is hardly the truth. The majority of people who leave the church, leave over some minor trifling, that could probably have been resolved with some honest discussion with the offending party or by bringing it to the minister or elders of the church.


And what is with the hypersensitivity of some preachers. Any honest question or simple inquiry by a member of the church is simply viewed as defying their authority. Why are some church members banned from church for simply asking basic doctrinal questions or over some minor doctrinal point? Are the preachers so insecure of their doctrinal position that they cannot discuss and reaffirm a member who has honest doubts? I have no problem with other Christians asking me honest sincere questions, I will try to answer them the best way that I can. Why am I going to get all hyper and defensive and simply ask the person to leave instead of answering their question?