By George Card


I know we live in the world, but we are not to love the world, neither the things that are in the world. (I John 2:15)

Dear brothers, what difference does it really make, who won the world championship of baseball, football or whatever?  Sports are nothing, but the biggest religion in the world.  Why should we worship an idiotic ball or the game players?


So, the dollar went up, so what? The economy goes up and down all the time, it is a cyclical thing. The financial news are geared toward the person, who has sold out to mammon.


Why should you care who married who in Hollywood?  In a few years they will divorce and marry again, because that's the way things are in that bastion of immorality and sin.


Let Paris and London keep their latest clothing fashion to themselves. They cater to the silly and vain, with expensive and ridiculous looking clothes.


Who really believes the politicians? They want to be elected and will promise you the voters the sun, the moon and the stars if you vote for them. But once they are in office they frequently forget their trail campaign promises. Even the few honest politicians who truly want to do what is right for the people will encounter that passing good laws is hard and entails a lot of compromises.


I am not saying that being a little interested in sports, finances, entertainment, fashion, finances or politics is wrong or a sin. I am not saying we should totally cut ourselves from what is happening in society, but we must avoid becoming excessively entangled in the cultural things of our society.


I am not going to be a hypocrite and tell you that I never participate in these society items. I myself sometimes indulge in watching a sport game, buy nice clothes, invest my money, watch a movie and contribute a little time or money to politics. So no I am not saying those things are wrong, the problem is when people become obsessed with them. As a minister of the gospel I know I cannot spend too much time in those activities for I have more important things to do than be entertained all day long watching sports, finance or some other entertainment of this world.


You must understand and realize that all of those things shall pass away one day. Think about this; every year they play the championship games, Wall Street is in a continual roller coaster, the styles come and go with the seasons, every so few years we get new political elections, and new movies are produced all the time.


Every industry has its temporary heroes, which one day will go away, why do you idolize them? They are human beings like you, except that they have certain talents. Some are good with sports, others with money, some with color or style coordination, others with acting, and so forth. But you must realize that all of them will one day get old and go away or die.


No I am not advocating going into the desert and living in a cave. The hermit lifestyle is not my cup of tea. But we can live in a modern society without being totally consumed with the things that it offers. Satan offers us many things in order to distract us from your main vocation, which is serving God. He is trying to take our focus from Jesus and put it into the world.


When one is running hard after God, who has the time to stop and get involved in the things of this world?  No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him. (II Timothy 2:4)


Some people may think, that being a committed Christian is a boring life.  They will never understand, that when a person lives in the spiritual realm, the world and all its entrapments quickly loose their attractiveness. Even necessary things like food, seem not that important. (Job 23:12)


Stop loving the world, start learning to love the things of God. The love of the world reveals a lukewarm spirit. Turn up the fire and get hotter. Come one let us try to reach the melting point, the point where the dross of this world melts away, where you are burning with the holy fire of God. Get baptized, fully immersed in the Holy fire of Jesus.


What thing in the world could really compete with the joy of praying in the spirit? or with discovering new truths in his holy word? or the happiness of winning a lost soul for God?