By George Card


Some people erroneously believe that since certain things are not prohibited in the Bible, then they must be O.K.  Sorry to disappoint them, but that it's not so. Today there are many things, that were not available in biblical times, nevertheless biblical principles still apply to them.


Tobacco and drugs were unknown in olden times, but the Bible clearly says, " The merciful man doeth good to his own soul: But he that is cruel troubleth his own flesh". (Proverbs 11:17) A modern rendering is "The merciful man does himself good, but the cruel man does himself harm". (Proverbs 11:17, NAS). There are proper uses for tobacco but smoking it is not one of them. There are also proper uses for drugs, but using them without medical authorization is not one of them. The principle is very simple if this modern item or practice will hurt your body, then do not do it.


Man has a great capacity for invention and creativity, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with many helpful inventions, the problem is usually how the inventions are used. People always manage to turn any new invention for evil purposes.  The telephone is a great communication tool, but the phone line carries whatever is put into it from a blessing to a cursing; from a prayer to a death threat. Electricity our everyday friend has been used in instruments of torture, and death.


The Amish decided to do without electricity, but I hardly think that the proper Christian response is to do without electricity or some other modern things because they have been put to an evil purpose by some people. I do not mind using the radio, the megaphone or other many modern instruments (I am writing this in a computer), for the ministry, so no I am not opposed to modern things but to how they are used for wrong purposes. The plane that takes people to faraway places can also be crashed into a building.


The Internet which was created for scientific endeavors is now the playground of pedophiles, terrorists, and other evil men who roam in there. Of course no one is advocating getting rid of the Internet any more than anyone is asking people to give up their cameras; just because cameras are used for making pornography. The problem is not the modern tools but that quite often modern tools are twisted to evil means.


Movies were also unknown, but the Bible says "I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes". (Psalm 101:3).  So before a person goes to the Movies or turns on the TV, that person needs to ask whether the movie or theater show will be something positive or negative. So going to a movie or show is not wrong at all as long as it is wholesome. It goes without saying that no Christian should watch a triple x rated movie and I would encourage Christians not to watch horror movies, for they are definitely not positive. Yes I know the blood is ketchup, and the guts are probably made of plastic or are from pigs, but their message is not decent, for it advocates horrible violence.


There are other things like; rock & roll, Rap, Dancing, Fantasy games, Video games, and many other modern things.  But they are all basically covered by, I Thessalonians 5:22 "Abstain from all appearance of evil". Yes I am aware that some have attempted to sanitize those things and use them for Christian purposes, however I am a little skeptical of using some of the world’s inventions for evangelism.


I cringe when I hear of Christian modern things like Christian rock, Christian rap or any other such similar thing. Yes I know that music has always been played in the worship of the Lord. And also that David danced before the Lord and the children of Israel praised the Lord with dancing, but I am quite sure they were not dirty dancing or twerking to the rhythm of Led Zeppelin or The Who. Fantasy games could be done with a Christian motif but those games were initially created by those who practiced the occult, so I am not sure how much distance can be put between their initial roots and Christianity. Video Games can also be made with Christian themes, my children played Bible Adventures in Nintendo, but the majority of Video Games are not that wholesome. Hey I am an old Guy, but maybe the next generation will be more comfortable with Christian Rap.


Does this mean that all modern inventions are evil? That we cannot watch movies or play video games? No, it means that we are to judged all modern things before we engage in any of them.  Before you watch a movie, have you checked the ratings it has? Before you play a Video game have you seen the reviews for this game? Before you engage in anything of this world, get informed. We can use things that the world used for evil purposes to good ends. The internet is a great medium, we Christians can make use of it, some Christians have begun to make good and wholesome videos, and some ministers have begun to make excellent ministerial web pages. Like our web page


God has made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions. (Ecclesiastes 7:29)  Yes, they are inventors of evil things. (Romans 1:30), but we can turn their current and future inventions for good. The creation of dynamite was for war, where it caused a lot of damage, but now we use dynamite to create roads and mining. Nuclear energy was created as a weapon, but now it powers many cities. Robots are now being invented, Virtual Reality and Nanotechnology are in their beginning stages, what will they be used for? Well knowing the wickedness of people, I expect some will be used for evil ends. But what is important to us is how we could use Robots, Virtual Reality and Nanotechnology for the kingdom of God?