By George Card


It is so hard to kill a sacred cow, because so many people defend it.  It's amazing the amount of hate that loving Christians can pour out upon the butcher.  There are some non-biblical doctrines that have become untouchable, by virtue of the passing of time or because some great preacher believed them. Like if time or fame was the criteria for what is true and what is false. Let me remind all Christians of this, the only criteria to decide if a doctrine is true or false is the Bible.


Jesus disregarded many of the doctrines, and beliefs of the pharisees.  That made so angry, that they sought to kill him. (John 5:16)  Some modern preachers would call fire from heaven, to consume their critics, if they could.


No doctrine should be sheltered from the hammer of criticism.  If the doctrine is biblical, then it will stand, but if it's not then it will fall. False doctrines come and go, but truth remains forever.


Before anyone accuses this butcher of not believing the Bible let me emphasize that I believe the whole Bible to be totally true, but sometimes our interpretations are not.  We have to approach the scriptures with an unbiased mind.  I know this is really hard to do, because we all have some pet theories.


Listen dear Christian brethren I know you love your preacher very much and will defend him. But let us be realistic, No preacher has a perfect theology, except for me (Just kidding!). Before we accept any doctrine from any preacher, that doctrine must meet at least some minimum requirements for it to be even be considered as potentially true.


Every doctrine must meet the following minimum requirements.


1. It must be based on a scripture.


2. It can not contradict another scripture.


3. It must be based in at least two scriptures.


If any doctrine does not meet these three requirements, then it must be discarded, no matter how good or sensible it might appear.


If there is no biblical foundation for a doctrine, then that tells us, that it is human wisdom.

If it contradicts another scripture, then it means that we are misinterpreting the scripture.

If it is not backed by another scripture, then it means we need to do more research


A catholic priest once said that common sense tells us that there is a purgatory, sorry but we are not going by someone common sense, we are going by what the scriptures say and no scripture says that there is a purgatory.


There are many doctrines and beliefs floating around the church; that do not meet these three requirements.  If I were to list them all, I would probably be vilified as a total apostate.  Let me reiterate, that I believe the whole Bible to be true, just not some doctrinal interpretations.