By George Card


There seems to be a new idea going around some Christian circles that perhaps there are other ways to God. Even some religious "Christian" leaders have expressed such views. Well I really don't know what Bible they are reading, because mine tells me that Jesus said he is the "Only way" (John 14:6). According to the holy word, there is no other way.


It is now somehow not political correct to say that Jesus is the only way, you may call me bigoted, closed minded and any other words you may wish to heap upon me, but I will continue saying it. "Jesus is the only way" there is no other way.


The Muslims are not my brothers, they are not saved. The Buddhists are not my brethren they are not washed in the blood of the lamb. I don't care what religion you are, or even if you call yourself a "Christian" if you do not have the spirit of Christ in you then you are not my brother.


You may say that you also believe in Jesus Christ, but yet continue in another religion. Then you do not understand a key concept of Christianity. Christianity is not a syncretistic religion, it is an exclusive religion, you are either a totally committed Christian or you are not. You can not serve Christ and idols. You can not mix Christianity with paganism. You can not be an Animist-Christian, you can not be a Confucionist-Christian. The hyphen thing does not work in Christianity.


False religions do not mind mixing their falsehood with another falsehood, but Christianity is not like that. For what concord hath Christ with Belial? (2 Cor 6:15) And that is because Christianity is the true religion and all others are false.


This sounds so harsh in our inclusive society, but to say otherwise is to call Jesus a liar and no one who calls Jesus a liar has eternal life. Yes some may want to censor the name of Jesus and just use the generic word God for prayer, but they better no ask me to pray for I definitely and defiantly will use the name of Jesus for he is the only true God.


I will shout it over and over again, Jesus is the only way. And if you think that is somehow hate, well that is your problem. No every religion is not the same, they are all false, only Christianity takes you to God, and when I say Christianity I am definitely excluding that Mithraism better known as the Catholic Church.


Just because the Catholic Church calls itself Christian means they are. No they are not they are the old religion of Mithra mixed with Christianity, it is a hybrid, that is half pagan half Christian, a monstrosity that is not the way to God. It is like drinking water mixed with poison, it is a vile concoction that kills the soul. They cloak themselves with the names and symbols of Christianity but underneath it is pure paganism.