By George Card


My brother you may know the whole truth and understand all scriptures, but does this puffs you up?  Do you look down on people who haven't gotten the understanding of God that you have?  Would you say, this cursed people know not the law?


The Pharisees had a complex of superiority, they despised the people and they abused the sheep of Israel. They were supposed to teach the Law of Moses to the people but instead they taught the people their traditions. They considered their traditions even superior to the Law of Moses.


I have seen many religious people now a day, which have the same attitude as the Pharisees; they despise those who go to church as ignorant sheep who need to be taught from the fountain of their own wisdom, instead of from the word of God. They use or rather abuse the word of God and use it as a whip on the sheep of God.


They approach the sinners of the world with a chip on their shoulder and berate the sinners for their ignorance of God and their sinful lifestyle. Their superior attitude turns off the sinners from any words of truth these modern Pharisees may speak. They don’t know the proverb that says “you trap more flies with honey than with vinegar”.


I am aware that many people don't have the knowledge of the gospel or even only a partial knowledge.  But the wrong attitude in our approach could make them close their ears to our words.  Let us go to them in love and enlighten them. Not seeking to tear down their beliefs to the ground, but to build up on what they already know.


Priscilla and Aquila hear Apollos preaching. So they took him aside and expounded the word of God more perfectly to him.  Did you notice it says expounded, not pounded.  You can't beat the truth into anybody's head.  Talk to them, but avoid their foolish and unlearned questions, because they gender strives and a servant of the Lord must not strive: But be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, in meekness (The opposite of superiority) instructing those that oppose themselves; God perhaps will give them repentance and the knowledge of the truth. (II Timothy 2:23-25)


You may have been saved for many years and developed a superior attitude.  You may think they should respect you and listen to everything you say, because you have the truth.  You may feel it's too bad for them if they won't listen to you.  Well I got news for you, as long as you have that attitude of superiority, they won't.  Let us not think of ourselves more highly than we ought to.  If we know the truth it is only by the mercy of god, therefore let us extend that mercy unto others.


Paul knew that the Jews considered themselves superior to the pagan gentiles and indeed they were for they had the word of God but their rotten attitude often made them odious to the gentiles. When the gentile became Christians, the tables were somewhat reversed and now it was the gentiles who were on an equal term with the Jews. But he warned the gentiles not to think too highly of themselves for if God did no spare the original branches, he might not spare the grafted in branches.


We Christians better not think ourselves superior to the Jews, who only have the Old Testament and have not accepted Christ, for God has now reversed the roles and given us superior in knowledge than them, for they are still in darkness. However God is able to open their eyes and make us equals in Christ, for when we are in Christ we all are equal and no group is superior to another.