By George Card


Work is good.† The Bible commends the hard worker and condemns the lazy person. (Proverbs 13:4)† Yet as good as work is, a person can also be working his way into hell.† How is that possible?† Well just listen to some of the comments I have heard.†


"I come so late from work that, I just don't have time for Bible study", "After work I am so tired that I can't concentrate on prayer", "I can't go to church, because I am working". If these statements are true and not just excuses made to avoid the bible study, prayer, or church service, then there is definitely a problem.


Is work supposed to be a valid excuse for the failure of some to serve God?† It might be valid with the world, but not with God.† My dear brothers if any of you is really prevented from serving God, because of work, then it might be time to sacrifice that job. Before you think I am being foolish or kidding consider this. One day whether you want it or not you will have to leave that job. You could be fired, retired, or lose your job for any number of reasons.


Many people get too wrapped up in their job and give their loyalty to their employers. Many of those people get bitter, when they lose their employment and lament by saying "I gave my soul to the company, and this is how they pay me?"† Sorry, but no company is worth giving your soul to.† If you die and lose your soul, then what profit had you in all the work that you did. (Ecclesiastes 3:9) Your spiritual eternal life is more important that any job.


But you say "I have an obligation to take care of my family" Then start doing that.† Start taking care of them spiritually first and then financially. Put first the spiritual well being of your family and then you can worry about the physical and financial well being of your family.


I know what is like to be unemployed and in financial need.† However I rejected good paying jobs, because they entailed working on church days, I needed a job but I needed to go to church even more. You might like your job a lot, but I hope you love the Lord even more. Understand this, a job is always temporary, you will not work at it for eternity. I donít care how much you love your job you will have to leave it one day.


If you have a job that prevents you from going to church, then you need to change jobs. But before you quit your job, try to fix the problem first.† You can try asking for another shift or schedule. Have a sincere talk with your employer and explain that you really like your job, but you need to obey God and are willing to work around your church time.

Also no job is worth compromising your morals or your beliefs. You might also have to quit if your job requires you to do anything unethical. If you feel it is morally wrong to consume or use something that your company makes, then you need to reevaluate if you really want to continue supporting such efforts with your employment there.


Well what about jobs in retail or sales? There is nothing wrong with working in a major store or supermarket However there might be a problem if you work in a specialty store; like selling tobacco, witchcraft items, immoral materials, idols or anything that goes against Christian principles, like working in a bar or a casino, and no it doesnít matter how much money you make working there, it is not good testimony for a Christian to work in disreputable places.


There are many jobs that are decent and good, there is no need to engage in something that is immoral or wrong. Selling drugs is illegal and wrong, so not it is not a lawful or correct employment. The same goes to working in any criminal or immoral organization, I really donít care how much money you make working for them. If you are a true Christian you cannot be working for the mob or gangsters.


Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all other things shall be added unto you (Matthew 6:33)