By George Card


Are you a parasite?† What do I mean by this? I mean a person that lives of another's person efforts and work.† Are you a grown person still living off your parents or of some relatives? Because you are unable to survive in the real world on your own? I am not talking about people who want to choose to live with their parents and to help them out or those that have physical disabilities and are not able to live on their own, but I am talking about those who are physically capable of taking care of themselves, but prefer to smooch off otherís resources.


I understand when a person goes thru a rough time in life and needs a hand up from others or the government, but I cannot understand the mentality of those who refuse to make an effort to take care of themselves and prefer to live off welfare. That is just plainly wrong. People should be mature enough to be able to take care of themselves instead of always being dependent on a hand out from the Government or begging from others. I am not against welfare or even against begging for I understand that sometimes there is a need for such actions, but am against making it a lifestyle.


In Biblical times some people were forced into begging and some even sold themselves into slavery in order to survive, because there were few options. But most of the people worked with their own hands in order to survive. The Romans provided bread for the citizens of Rome, in an effort to win the affection of the people and prevent riots, but it only weakened the will of the people and made them dependent upon the politicians.


After Jesus provided bread for over 5,000 people, they wanted to make him king. But Jesus would have none of that. Have you noticed that even though Jesus had the ability to provide food for the masses he only provided for them 2 times? He did not want them to become dependent upon him.


This also applies to Christian living.† Do you wait until others start worshiping God and then you join in? or do you bring your own fire to church?† You see those persons are on fire for God, because they prayed, fasted and sought God during the week.† They are not selfish and they are willing to be the catalyst for worship, but you need to stop relaying on them to get you in the spirit of worship.† Go ahead and start working out your own salvation. (Philippians 2:12)


If the only time you learn something from the Bible is through the church Bible study, then you are either a babe in Christ or a parasite.† You need to start feeding yourself the milk of the word, and also the meaty parts, that ye may grow thereby: (I Peter 2:2).


Are you living of somebody else's spirituality? Whether it be your parents, spouse, or a brother in the church.† Iron sharpen iron; (Proverbs 27:17) How can you sharpen your brother if spiritually he is iron, but you are more like lead?


I am not trying to be harsh, but to encourage you to start growing up in the Lord.† That you may become a person able to stand on your own two feet when the devil comes against you.† I hope you may grow into him in all things: which is the head, even Christ (Ephesians 4:13)† If you desire knowledge, growth, and spirituality, then you must remember that the soul of the sluggard desired and hath nothing: But the soul of the diligent shall be made fat (Proverbs 13:4)