By George Card


Many Christians are puzzled about grace and works.  Are we saved by grace or works?  The answer is clearly grace. But if you are saved by grace you will then produce works. Grace and works are not opposites but are complementary elements of salvation.


Grace means unmerited favor.  Let us be clear on this.  There is absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing that a person can do to get saved.  It is the gift of God lest any man should boast. (Ephesians 2:8-9) You were not saved because of your goodness or any virtue that you had or anything that you did. You were saved only, because he had mercy upon you.


Then where do works fit in?  Works are the fruits of our new life.  An apple tree will give apples, not in order to become an apple tree, but because it is one already.  So it is that one is like a seed that dies (Repents) is buried (Baptism) and sprouts (Holy Ghost) into new life. Works flow naturally from those who are born again.


Because God first loved me, I am now able to love him back.  I do not witness in order to earn my salvation, but because I love people.  I am not holy because of my righteousness, But because he is holy.


There are so many religious people out there trying to earn their salvation through good works. It is futile to attempt to earn heaven, you cannot earn heaven, it is simply impossible. Even our most righteous actions are like filthy rags. My brother please sit down and stop doing your works.  Stay put until you fully realize that you are saved by grace, and then you can go and work for God.


If you are sure that you are saved, then you need to go out there and start doing good works. You can start by feeding the poor. You say you have no money to feed the poor, then start giving of your time and your kind words. Go to the orphanage and volunteer your time. Go and visit those in the retirement homes, they want the company. Go into the hospital and pray for those who are sick. There are a multitude of people in need, there really is no excuse for a Christian not to do any kind of ministry.


You can always make a little time for the work of the ministry; cut out some time from your TV or better yet, get rid of it and have lots of time for extra ministry. If there is an obstacle in your way there are ways to get around any difficulty or obstacle to do ministry. When the great preacher John Eliot was not longer able to walk, crowds surrounded his death-bed while he preached the gospel. You can even write letters of encouragement to persecuted and imprisoned Christians around the world. If you have no money for postage, why not simply write your own gospel tracts and deliver them yourself to your neighbors.


Works are the evidence that you have faith. If any person has no works in his life then he has no faith.  Yes his faith is dead.  Any person that claims to be a Christian, and doesn't have the fruits of the spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23) is just lying.  This person is nothing, but a cursed unfruitful fig tree.


Every tree yields fruit after his kind, Because the seed is in itself. (Genesis 1:11)  How sad it is to hear that some Christians never win a person to Christ, it is so unlike a tree no to reproduce itself. Jesus saved you so that you can go out there and produce fruit, so that you can reproduce yourself. If you are not reproducing yourself then you are barren and sterile. Pray for God to take away your barrenness and give you spiritual children.