By George Card


Many Christians do not seem to understand that our God is Omniscient, Which means that he knows all things.  He knows the future, the beginning and the end.


I am absolutely convinced that God knew all about the issues that would confront the Church and the Christian.  He is not taken by surprise by any circumstance in life or any technological breakthrough.


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever.  He gave us in his word precepts that would transcend history, nationality, society, personality, and scientific progress.  Therefor I esteem all his precepts concerning all things to be right. (Psalm 119:128)


Although God knew that in the future there would be airplanes, cars, and computers, he could not mention them in his Bible because it would violate the law of time continuity. Any mention of future technological discoveries or future culture lifestyles would not make sense to the ancients.


Instead God left us with universal principles that could be used in any age or culture. The amazing thing about the Bible is that you find Christians in every nation and culture of the world. People in the third world understand the Bible just like those in the advanced nations. You find Christian who live in mud huts and you find Christians living in high rise buildings, and if you ask them they both believe the Bible and claim to understand it.


Let us approach any issue of today with a look back at the scriptures.  Does any scripture speaks about this subject? Is there any biblical principle that applies?  Are there biblical situations that apply? Is it in accordance with God's will?


I assure that if a person studies the Bible, he will find guidance as to how to deal with any subject of today including: Immigration, Euthanasia, Computers, Genetic research, Capitalism, Democracy, Telecommunications and just about any other issue. It will not speak about the details of such things, but the principles that can apply to them.


Some may wonder how can the Bible apply to such things as Nanotechnology, robotics or space travel? Am I not going out for a stretch?  Not really, for everything in this world is founded and guided by some basic principles that work at any level. There might be some things that appear to violate the laws of nature like quantum physics, but that is only because we do not know all the laws of nature.


OK let us take one case, Nuclear weapons. They are so destructive that they only have been used twice since their creation (Nagasaki and Hiroshima). The mere threat of their use kept the United States and the Soviet Union from ever going to war against each other. Neither side was willing to risk a nuclear exchange. So the fearsome power of nuclear and the even more powerful Hydrogen bombs was able to keep the peace.


Before the scoffers would disbelieve the statement in 2 Peter about the elements shall melt with fervent heat, but now because of nuclear fission we do know that the elements can indeed melt with a fervent heat and that without the need of the sun to engulf us. If some people had taken 2 Peter more seriously we might have discovered nuclear fission much sooner.


So next time a new issue pops up in society let us not search for answers from the world, but let us seek the answer in that well of knowledge which is the Bible.