By George Card


Lie not one to another. (Colossians 3:9) I wish I could cut my tongue for all the time that I have lied. I just have to agree with the scriptures to "Let God be true, and every man a liar".  My friends all lies come from the devil for he is the father of lies.


The Bible clearly says that every man is a liar, so yes I confess that I too am a liar. Yes I have to confess that I do have lied not once but more like many times. It is not that I mean to, but I have a human sinful nature. Sometimes I lied because I was afraid or I did not want to offend someone or because I did not want to make a scene, and at other times I lied because I gained something from it. Yet I repent, ask God for forgiveness and try not to do it again.


Little white lies are only white to you.  If you can't say the truth, because you would offend or hurt another person, then don't say anything. Many times I just kept quiet and said nothing, because I knew anything I said would be offensive (Just tell me what is the polite way to tell someone they have horrible breath?)


Why stretch the truth? I know the old excuses "I was just trying to embellish the account", "I was just buttering up that brother", "I just stretched it a smidgen".  Please brethren just say the truth be as tactful as you can, but say the truth.


Excuses are usually lies.  If you could not do something, just admit it. Do give a lame excuse it; just say I could not do it. Assume the responsibility and try next time to fulfill your obligations.


Do not promise.  Promises are bound to be broken.  Maybe you mean to keep it, but situations arise unexpectedly that will prevent you from fulfilling your promise.


Mean what you say.  If you tell a brother that you will pray for him then do it.  Many people will say things they don't really mean just to be social or polite.


Deceived not.  This is perhaps one of the worst types of lies because this one is done premeditated.  Deception is not just a lie, but it is a planned out lie.


Chronic lying is a spiritual problem. People who lie constantly at the drop of a hat have a serious spiritual sin. If they do not repent and quit doing it, they will be cast into the lake of fire.


There are some lies that cause great damage. People have told lies with severe consequences. Friends have separated, Marriages have been broken, families destroyed, and some people have even died on account of lies.


A young lady accused one man of rape; he spent 10 years in jail. She later confessed that she was just angry with him and wanted him to pay. (What was that saying about a woman scorned?) Her repentance could not restore the years the young man lost, her lie had destroyed him and his reputation, the damage could not be undone.


My friend let us repent of our previous lies and forsake this evil of lying. Let us not be any type of liar. For all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire. (Revelation 21:8)  Let us learn of Jesus who did not sin neither was any guile (Deceit, Lie) found in his mouth.