By George Card


Many Christians will say that they never steal, but there is a lot of stealing going on. Of course many Christians would never think of stealing from a bank or another person, but stealing from God is thought of as not a big deal.† However stealing from God is much worse than trying to rob Ft Knox.† Yes you are a thief and a crook if you steal from God.


Will a man rob God? (Malachi 3:8)† My brother have you kept back the tithes that belong to the Lord?† Have you kept a portion of the tithes, because this month you had too many bills?† Have you robbed God in your offerings?†† Some will say that you can't rob God in offerings, but God says otherwise.


Hear me Christian brothers.† Do you still give the same amount in offerings that you gave when you first got saved? or have you cut back?† If you still put in the offering plate the same amount that you gave ten years ago.† Is it because you don't know that inflation has skyrocketed in the mean time? or could it be that you have grown cold?† Do you insult God by putting in the collection plate less than you would tip a waitress or a baggage person at the airport or hotel?


How much do you pay in the restaurant after you eat a meal?† The minister feeds your soul every service.† How much do you pay for that spiritual meal?† My friends its time to let George Washington or Abraham Lincoln be past history in our giving and let us become acquainted with Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Jackson and even with Benjamin Franklin.


I understand that you have responsibilities and bills.† I understand it, because I also have them.† But our first bill and responsibility is toward God.† If you don't have enough money then ask God to bless you with a promotion or a pay raise. You can temporally get a loan or work out a payment plan or ask for an extension. It is better be hounded by creditors than to steal from God. Then go after a promotion at your job or a pay raise, trusting in God to bless you, so you can pay for your expenses.


I am aware that some ministers are greedy of money, but that does not mean you stop giving, because you are not giving to a minister, when you give to the ministry, you are giving it to God. Do not let the devil steal your blessing by reminding you of those false teachers who buy mansions and live in luxury. Those false teachers give a bad name to the rest of the true ministers of God, but they will have to answer to God for their greedy and bad behavior.


If you are faithful to God, he will be faithful to you, I donít believe he will abandon you in your time of need and even if the worst came to pass, and you became homeless, because you paid your tithes, before you paid the landlord.† You must remember that Jesus has a mansion prepared for you.† Would you rather live in a brick house for a few years or in a mansion of gold for eternity?† Many of the saints of God wandereth about in sheepskins, and goatskins; being destitute; afflicted, tormented; they wandereth in deserts, and in mountains, and in the dens and caves of the earth (Hebrews 11:37-38)


Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all your material needs shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33) I believe that he meant it in the material world. If you are a true child of God, he will not let you and your family starve to death or be destitute.