By George Card


The glutton shall come to poverty. (Proverbs 23:21)† Eating is a necessity of life: however some have let their stomach control their lives.† Some have lost total control of their appetites to the point that they are unable to fast.† Without fasting there is no spiritual power.


Moses fasted twice for forty days. Elijah fasted also for forty days.† The ungodly also fast.† The men in Nineveh fasted when they heard Jonah, and today the hindus fast before their idols for many days.† Some people have even starved themselves to death in protest over some political issue.


My brother I am not trying to induce guilt in you, or to tell you to starve to death. However look at yourself and be honest.† Am I overweight? is it because my metabolism is slow or perhaps I eat too much?† If you have a problem in this area you might need professional help from a doctor, physical trainer, or a dietician.


Let us face the truth, America is the land of the free and the fat. (Fat free, get it?). We consume vast amounts of fat free food and diet drinks and yet we are still fat. Millions of dollars are spent on weight reduction programs and exercise equipment, yet we are still gaining weight.


We are hooked on chocolate and sugary products. We fry our fries, tacos and even our thanksgiving turkey. We super-size our fries and drinks. Our meals are loaded with fatty meats; hamburgers; hot dogs, pizza and Chinese food, and then we wash everything down with sweet drinks or beer. Is it any wonder why we are fat?


We know the dangers of being fat and that it is bad for us, and yet we continue in our road of destruction. The gym membership card is still in the wallet but then we never get there. Our hundredth dollar running tennis shoes are barely used. Instead of stopping our intake of sweet drinks and take up water, we simply switch to a cancer producing diet substitute.


My brothers if a famine came over this land would you be overcome with hunger, and become like some of the Somali people during a historical famine?† They stole food from their own children, and the law of the jungle prevailed there until American forces arrived.


Will you sell your birthright for a morsel of bread, as did Esau?† Being a hunter he could have easily gone out and trap some game, but he was unable to restrain his stomach.† Some Christianís martyrs preferred to starve to death than to deny their lord, could you do the same thing?


Take this not lightly for if you do, you might be in danger of becoming a person whose God is his belly. (Philippians 3:19)


Before you attempt to fast you must be prepared, and make your first fast a short one.† As you succeed you'll be able to go on longer ones.† Fasting signifies that you have control over your appetites.