By George Card


In II Kings 9:20 says "The driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for he drives furiously".  We can see that Jehu was known for his fast driving, But that did not stop him from giving a ride to a saint of God, even while in an urgent mission for God (II Kings 10:15).


Many times Christians pass a fellow believer by and honk or wave, but never stopping to give that brother a ride.  That poor brother might be extremely tired of walking under the blazing heat or in the bitter cold.  However the christian in his car doesn't feel those things, because he has air conditioning and heating system.  Aren't we supposed to do good unto all men especially those of God's household?  But some may say "That brother lives across town", well what better opportunity than this to practice going the second mile.


Is it your car or God's car? How many Missionaries and Evangelists could really use a car to further the gospel, but instead many of them have to walk miles and miles to reach a lost soul.  A faithful Evangelist used to go in his dilapidated car, from place to place preaching the gospel, but one day the Lord moved upon a family to give him their almost new van.  How many of us would be willing to give that much? Would you be willing to give your car to a poor preacher?


In other countries I have seen saints of God coming in their little cars full of people to church, and many times they go back for a second and even a third load.  My heart is stirred by such acts. O! what devotion, O! what love.  However in America I have seen brothers come to church in big vans by themselves.  "But all the saints I know have cars".  Well how about filling your car with sinners? or the sick? or the elderly?


This world is full of fear, but we should trust in the Lord for protection and guidance.  Only God know how many Evangelists have picked up strangers in the road and eventually led them to Christ.  They not only sowed the word of God, but also showed Christian love and demonstrated their trust in God.  I assure you the Holy Ghost will not guide you to pick up a demented murderer or a robber.


Some may think that talking to strangers in the road is dangerous and foolish.  However the Apostle Paul risked his life in the road many times, but the Lord protected him from harm (II Corinthians 11:26).  Can you imagine Philip the Evangelist saying to the Ethiopian eunuch "Sorry mister, but I can not climb in your car, because I don't know you".