By George Card


These are just interesting articles I wrote regarding the background of Biblical subjects, I feel knowing a little more of the cultures, customs, geography and items mentioned in the Bible will give us a more complete picture of those times.


These background articles might also serve as examples for those who want to create their own Bible studies on the multitude of subjects that are mentioned in the Bible. Many times we read a scripture and we misinterpret it because we lack the knowledge of those times. We miss the message, because we don't understand what the Bible is really talking about and we miss the whole picture.


Once I had the privilege of listening to a preacher make a fool of himself; because he did not know that the houses in Jesus times were constructed differently than the houses of today. And he was speaking as if he was talking about the type of house that he knew about, he spoke about how the friends of the paralyzed friend went to great lengths to get up in the roof with a stretcher, and then he proceeded to tell us how the friends tore the roof and of course how they lowered their friend in front of Jesus. Of course anyone with a little knowledge of how houses were constructed in those times would just laugh at him and dismiss him as an ignoramus.


These backgrounds articles are just for informative purposes. I did not write them for some kind of profound theological meaning.