By George Cardenas


The horse is a hoofed herbivorous mammal, whose scientific name is Equus caballus; It was domesticated by the early inhabitants of Asia.


The horse quickly proved its usefulness and was used as a means of transport, and as a draft animal.  It became the most priced of all the animals.


The horse can reach speeds of over 60 kph, and they are very strong animals, insomuch that our modern units of power are measured in horse powers.


Selective breeding resulted in a great variety of breeds, which were used for different purposes.  Some were draft animals, others racing horses, and others farm animals. But the most widespread used of them was in warfare.


The great empires of the past relied upon the horse as their main weapon in war.  The Egyptian empire was famous for their short, but swift horses.


When famine hit the land of Egypt, Joseph gave food to the people in exchange for their horses.


Later on when the Israelites were fleeing from slavery in Egypt, They were pursued by Pharaohs troops, who quickly caught up to them; but God proved stronger, and destroyed the Egyptian cavalry.


The mosaic law prohibited the breeding of horses.  Perhaps this was to discourage the Israelites from becoming a warring nation or to foster reliance upon God.


Although the inhabitants of the land of Palestine had many chariots and horses the Israelites were able to defeat them.


Whenever king David conquered his enemies, he destroyed their cavalry, lest they should rise up again in rebellion.


When Solomon became King, he imported horses from Egypt, and built the famous Meggido stables.  The kings that followed, pretty much disregarded the prohibition against horse breeding.  This probably contributed to their becoming involved in many wars.


When the Jews were living in the Persian empire, Mordecai informed the King of a plot against his life. He was rewarded by getting a ride upon the king's horse.  This was a great honor.


God gives a vivid description of the greatness of the horse in Job 39:19-25. And in Psalm 32:9 he personally tells us, not to be stubborn like the horse, which needs a bridle in order to be guided.


Horses are mentioned in the book of revelation.  After each seal is opened a horse is described.  The first one was white, the second was red, the third was black and the fourth was pale.


Although there is some debate as to the meaning of these horses, everybody agrees that they are not real horses, but symbols of God's judgement upon the earth. 


The last horse mentioned in the Bible is white, and its rider is called the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.


Conquering kings rode upon White horses.  So we know that Jesus is coming to conquer the earth and smite it with the fierceness and the wrath of Almighty God.